This resource supports both the Premium and Free Version of the plugin!

EconomyShopGUI Configuration ( Wooden Vol. 2 )

The best EconomyShopGUI configuration for every Minecraft Server

which includes 1000 items and 5 Custom Wooden UI
(Dark Oak, Cherry, Mangrove, Crimson, Warped)



This configuration setup contains

• ItemsAdder Configuration

• Oraxen Configuration

• Vanilla Resourcepack Configuration

• EconomyShopGUI Configuration

• EconomyShopGUI Premium Configuration



Drag and drop the Itemsadder/Oraxen folders inside the plugin folders.

For the Vanilla Resourcepack merge the pack inside the Vanilla Resourcepack with your servers

For the EconomyShopGUI install the files from the resource pack you are using.

More detailed installation regarding the configuration can be found inside the installation.txt file



For the configuration to work you are required to have the EconomyShopGUI Premium or EconomyShop installed.

For the Resourcepack pack configuration to work well, you should have Itemsadder, Oraxen, or Vanilla Resourcepack.


If you require further details on our configurations or encounter any issues, feel free to contact us through Discord!


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