Exanthiax May 17, 2023
Version 3.0.0-b2
Great work Auxilor on this, I haven't used EcoSkills too much past the default configs, but even then it was great. V3 has just launched and I've now started using this thoroughly, and I am not even surprised at how clear, simple and powerful this is. You can make hundreds of different skills if you wanted to, all with additional stats, or effects, you can gain effects at one level, and then take them 5 levels later, and the best part is that it ties in with all the other plugins. If you want a pickaxe that can give 10x drops but only for people of Mining skill 30, very very easy to configure this. Honestly, keep it up Auxilor, these are all great.
nurSIMBA Mar 12, 2024
Version 3.44.5
Extremely poor to no support for configs, questions ignored. No help for item configuration, only requests for extra payment. Chaotic wiki. Out of 400 updates, maybe 100 are significant. Prioritizes new plugins over fixing issues for profit. Cannot recommend purchasing the Eco series in its current state.
v0idPlus Jan 23, 2023
Version 1.112.4
support is definitely great and wiki is up2date!! they definitely will give their 5 seconds to answer your quick question in 9 hours.
OPNSRCSLM Jan 22, 2023
Version 1.112.4
Absolutely amazing.
Seitan May 24, 2022
Version 1.32.1
Simply the best RPG plugin all around, you can create custom stats, custom effects, works in the Eco plugins system! Shape it as you want and even come with a default config wich works great! 5/5
OfTeN Jan 20, 2022
Version 1.20.7
Really great way to add grinding to your server, making your players want to play more, and with other eco plugins it becomes an absolute monster.
Make custom enchantments depend on ecoskills level,
unlock certain effects with ecoskills levels,
make items from other plugins increase ecoskills stats,
bring the eco ecosystem (pog) to your server, and get an opportunity
to make your server truly unique through all the customazibility
RedDragon Nov 24, 2021
Version 1.11.10
Decent plugin, a good alternative to mcMMO.

The plugin messages are very clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Not as many features as I expected for 30 bucks spent.
I find it hard to justify the price point, other than the fact that
alternative RPG/skill plugins are similarly priced.

lack of /inspect feature and convenient admin tools
makes this plugin a bit inconvenient to use on larger servers.

But overall it is an above average plugin that your players will enjoy.
Could be amazing, currently not there yet.
With ongoing development of the plugin, I have high hopes for the future.
SparrowSoul Nov 6, 2021
Version 1.10.1
Great work! I love all the eco plugins.
Sedri Oct 12, 2021
Version 1.6.3
Plugin works great with almost everything being configurable! Extensions are also a awesome feature! The support is active and tries to help you the best they can! If you are looking for something to keep your players busy and active I would 100% consider this!
btjt97 Sep 6, 2021
Version 1.1.2
Awesome plugin, kept up to date, great integration with ecoarmor and ecoenchants. If you are using the eco suite I would highly recomend or buy it in the discounted bundle. Otherwise I believe it is a bit pricy however, but looking forward to more features or skill lines.
BitBirdGG Sep 2, 2021
Version 1.0.5
One of the highest quality "skills" plugin I have used on a server to date. Very intuitive and easy to use or configure for server owners while also working right out of the box for regular players. This is a fine addition to any server setup!
Sidias Sep 2, 2021
Version 1.0.5
All Plugins from Auxilor are Outstanding and have a very high Quality and you get fast support and very fast fixes.

EcoSkills is very well made and its fun to use it. Its simply but powerfull to bring all you ever need for skills to you without overwhelming you with stupid stuff.

Thx Auxilor for the great work. =)

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