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3.0.0 May 18, 2023
3.0.0 Changelog
- Fixed mana (and other magic) not regenerating if the limit was set too low
EcoSkills v3 is now out of beta!

3.0.0-b4 May 18, 2023
3.0.0-b4 Changelog
- Reimplemented /skills togglexpgainsound
- Removed use of PlaceholderAPI placeholders in default config (now uses native %health% and %max_health% in action bar by default)
- Fixed boss bars
- Fixed bug where the level GUI could glitch for formulaic levels using /ecoskills give
- Added in_region condition (Requires WorldGuard)
- Added enter_region trigger (Requires WorldGuard)
- Added leave_region trigger (Requires WorldGuard)
- Added region filter for the above triggers (Requires WorldGuard)
- Added drop_pickup_item effect that drops an item that runs a chain when it's picked up (Requires Paper)
- Added open_ender_chest effect
- Added add_enchant and remove_enchant effects
- Added all_players effect to run a chain for all players
- Added random_player effect to run a chain for a random player
- Added click_entity trigger
- Added age_crop effect
- Added slot options to give_item effect
- Added message option to block_commands effect
- Fixed drop_item effect
- Fixed trigger_custom effect
- Fixed location_to_cursor mutator
- Various other stability improvements

3.0.0-b3 May 17, 2023
3.0.0-b3 Changelog
- Fixed configs that exist by default occasionally losing all formatting
- Fixed flicker with permanent_potion_effect
- Fixed send_message not working in action bar since a few versions ago
- Fixed tons of triggers firing multiple times (Fixes multiply_drops among others)
- Default skill configs now use placeholders for effect names
- Fixed resource ID / bStats ID
- Added above_magic and below_magic conditions
- Fixed default configs for seamless movement and golden yield
- Added give_magic effect
- Added multiply_magic effect
- Added give_skill_xp_naturally effect
- Added conditions to skills

3.0.0-b2 May 16, 2023
3.0.0-b2 Changelog

- Fixed visual bug with repeated rewards

3.0.0-b1 May 16, 2023
The v3 Recode
EcoSkills has finally been recoded!
What's new?
- EcoSkills is now fully configurable: you can add or remove stats, effects, skills, magic types, anything you want, just by adding or removing configs!
- Massive performance improvements, removing tons of slow old internal systems!
- An enormous amount of bugfixes. Since there are zero lines of code in common with v1/v2, every single bug that existed in those versions is now gone!
- Added Magic! This new system lets you create things like Mana that naturally regenerate over time, and it's fully integrated into the effects system (libreforge) so you can use it in plugins like EcoEnchants, EcoItems, Reforges, etc! It's not enabled by default, but the options are already there in wisdom.yml and config.yml if you want to enable it!
- Added infinite levelling option: if you don't like writing pre-defined lists of level xp, you can simply create a formula for it with an optional max level, or just let players level up forever!
- Added option to hide skills if on level zero, and show Learning New Skill... when gaining xp for them!
- Tons and tons of other tweaks to refine the EcoSkills gameplay
How do I upgrade?
You'll need to completely wipe your /plugins/EcoSkills/ folder. All old configs are unfortunately unsupported now, but migration is relatively simple, and should only take a few minutes of tweaking.
Is my player data safe?
Yes! All old player data is completely safe and will be transferred over without any issue, you don't have to worry about your players losing anything. For them, it will just feel better.
I heard recodes often remove things, is that true?
Not here! EcoSkills v3 contains 100% of all the skills, effects, and stats as before, and they all work in exactly the same way, too - you're not getting a better backend at the expense of old features, instead you have everything that you're used to.
Why is this beta 1? Is it stable?
EcoSkills 3.0.0-b1 is completely stable and production-ready. It's marked as a beta because inevitably there will be some launch day bugs, small oversights and things not noticed throughout the (extensive) testing. If this concerns you, you can stay on v2 until v3 is out of beta. Please report any bugs you see in the discord!

2.11.0 May 14, 2023
2.11.0 Changelog
- Added damage_twice effect
- Added brew_ingredient trigger
- catch_fish now passes the XP dropped as the value
- Added damage_item effect
- Added repair_item effect
- Added `multiplier` option to multiply_drops instead of fortune
- Counters now support all effect arguments (e.g. chance, every, etc.)
- Added brew_time_multiplier effect
- Added potion_duration_multiplier effect
- Added dont_consume_lapis_chance effect
- Added dont_consume_xp_chance effect
- Added item_durability_above filter
- Added item_durability_below filter
- add_holder (and related effects) no longer require specifying conditions
- Various fixes

2.10.0 May 9, 2023
2.10.0 Changelog

- Added run_command trigger

2.9.0 May 5, 2023
2.9.0 Changelog
- Added teleport trigger (Thanks Sen!)
- Fixed add_stat flickering for AureliumSkills users
- Added homing effect to make projectiles hone in on enemies (Homing Arrows, Homing Tridents)
- Added piercing effect to allow projectiles to pass through entities and hit multiple at once
- (API) Added new TriggerPlaceholder API to generate placeholders from TriggerData, much cleaner than using a TriggerDispatchEvent listener
- Fixed crit_multiplier
- TriggerData#item will now be passed in to get ItemStack-based placeholders if the holder provider is not an ItemStack

2.8.0 May 3, 2023
2.8.0 Changelog
- Added %location_x%, %location_y%, %location_z%, and %location_world% placeholders (shorthand: %x%, %y%, %z%, %world%)
- Added /libreforge reloadextensions command
- Fixed repeats not working correctly
- Fixed elytra_boost_save_chance

2.7.1 Apr 30, 2023
2.7.1 Changelog

- Fixed placeholder injections not working for permanent effects

2.7.0 Apr 29, 2023
2.7.0 Changelog
- Updated to use new eco 6.56.0 placeholder system
- Added enable and disable triggers
- Added create_hologram effect
- Added kick effect
- Added clear_invulnerability effect
- Optimised mining effects (mine_radius, vein, drill, etc)
- Various other optimisations

2.6.0 Apr 25, 2023
2.6.0 Changelog

- Reworked holder loading, duplicate holders will now load properly

2.5.0 Apr 25, 2023
2.5.0 Changelog
- Fixed critical bug with bonus_health and health with add_stat (Thanks SenMC for testing!)
- Fixed bug with the price effect argument (Thanks OzzeR for providing a config to test with!)
- Prices will now throw an exception if they are set to a negative value
- Fixed all effect arguments being called twice for direct-ID chains
- (API) Made all block (EffectBlock/ConditionBlock/etc) constructors internal, this was an oversight, these should not have been public
- Rewrote AttributeModifier-based effects
- Fixed flight effect
- Fixed inverse filters not working

2.4.1 Apr 24, 2023
2.4.1 Changelog

- Fixed potential 'flicker' bug with attribute effects
- Fixed points not integrating with price system

2.4.0 Apr 20, 2023
2.4.0 Changelog
- Config categories can now preload to resolve load order issues
- Removed any use of DefaultArtifactVersion to fix 1.17 support
- Updated to eco 6.55.0
- Fixed extremely critical bug with Counters (Thanks everyone who reported!)
- (API) LibreforgePlugin#categories is now locked, you have to use LibreforgePlugin#addCategory to prevent desync
- (API) Added ViolationLogger and SilentViolationContext to allow for silent compilation

2.3.0 Apr 19, 2023
2.3.0 Changelog

- Fixed ignite effect errors
- Added item_durability_multiplier effect

2.2.8 Apr 13, 2023
2.2.8 Changelog

- Fixed DefaultArtifactVersion not existing for 1.17 users

2.2.7 Apr 9, 2023
2.2.7 Changelog

- Improved exception handling and error logging on reload / startup
- Fixed legacy chains.yml's not working
- Fixed spawn_entity effect being marked as permanent

2.2.6 Apr 6, 2023
2.2.6 Changelog

- Fixed static trigger
- Fixed all effects with runnables

2.2.5 Apr 5, 2023
2.2.5 Changelog

- Fixed inverse: true not working for conditions

2.2.4 Apr 4, 2023
2.2.4 Changelog

- Fixed several critical bugs with permanent effects
- Fixed legacy config loading

2.2.3 Apr 3, 2023
2.2.3 Changelog

- Added launch-at-location option to shoot and shoot_arrow

2.2.2 Apr 3, 2023
2.2.2 Changelog

- Improved startup time
- Fixed custom skills/effects/stats not loading (Thanks OfTeN!)

2.2.1 Apr 2, 2023
2.2.1 Changelog

- Fixed loading error with mismatched libreforge versions (Thanks in part to OfTeN!)
- Improved violation messages (Thanks OfTeN!)

2.2.0 Mar 30, 2023
2.2.0 Changelog
- Fixed points placeholder
- Fixed spawn_mobs effect being considered permanent (Thanks OfTeN!)
- Fixed AOE effects compiling wrong (Thanks OfTeN!)
- Added holder placeholders
- And added %text%, %string%, and %message% to access the TEXT parameter in placeholders

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