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mr_coffee1026 Aug 10, 2020
We've really liked this plugin and gotten a lot of use out of it up to 1.15.  However - if you had read any of that bug discussion you would already know that Mojang does not consider their lack of accessibility to the text nodes where you would want them to BE a bug.  They suggested making it a feature request instead, and since they seem wholly uninterested in doing so, I believe your course of action should be to pursue another method of acquiring the content of the text nodes and then just copying and pasting them into the slots that would be a available to the user on their event of right-clicking.  While the text node data does not exist in the place where you desire it, it does still exist in the block's NBT data which should be relatively easy to access... even in the midst of your other code.  If you are unwilling to do that, then unfortunately you would need to change the name of your plugin from EditableSign to ErasableSign since that's all it's capable of doing now.
vk2gpz Aug 16, 2020
? did you update your Minecraft client?? Mojang partially restored this function.
mr_coffee1026 Aug 29, 2020
Yes, my server is now 1.16.2.  But having it partially fixed doesn't replace the full functionality.  Another plugin is now working as this one used to, so it's too bad that this one's problems are being blamed on Mojang instead of being updated.
vk2gpz Aug 29, 2020
it's not my problem Mojang removing a function.  and it's not my job to fix their shortcoming.
vk2gpz Aug 29, 2020
and it's nothing to do with the server....
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