Just put EditableSign.jar in the plugins folder.

You can Sneak + Right-click to edit the sign which is already placed! (only if you have "editablesign.edit" permission and WorldGuard allows you to "USE" or "INTERACT")

You can also edit Essentials' signs ([Sell], [Buy], [Disposal], etc.)

This plugin is based on libraryadict's previous work (SignMagic). He has been contacted and was ok about adding 1.8 support as well as WorldGuard support.

The support for the plugin is provided here.

  • /es : toggle between editable and non-editable mode
  • /es help : displays a help menu
  • /es reload : reloads config.yml
Permission Node:
  • editablesign.edit : allows a player to edit a sign
  • editablesign.colorsign,
  • editablesign.colorsign.[color|format|magic] : allows a player to use colored sign.
  • editablesign.colorsign.rgb : allows a player to use rgb.
  • editablesign.admin: bypasses the cooldown restriction
  • editablesign.<region_name> : allows a player to edit a sign in the <region_name> world guard region.
Supported region protection plugins:
  • ASkyBlock
  • BSkyBlock
  • Factions
  • FactionsUUID
  • Feudal
  • GriefPrevention,
  • Kingdoms
  • LegacyFactions
  • NovaGuilds
  • PlotMe
  • PlotSquared (v3, v4, v5)
  • Plotz
  • PreciousStone
  • RedProtect
  • Residence
  • Towny
  • uSkyBlock
  • WorldGuard v6
  • WorldGuard v7
  • OwnershipCheck : when this module is enabled, the sign will remember who placed it (without rely on an external data storage) and only the owner of the sign can edit.

  • Untouchable : You can specify keywords to indicate non-editable signs.
  • Relocate : This add-on will allow you to break the sign you wish to relocate and simply place it again at wherever you wish to relocate it to.

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It would be greatly appreciated for your donation to continue providing support for this plugin (PayPal: [email protected])