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HeroicCrates is a BRAND NEW customisable 3D animation lootbox plugin that allows you to unlock your box at a station by dropping it within a configured radius of blocks.

Create an unlimited amount of different crates, as much as your server hard drive can handle :) Change between different animations, edit every effect and sound that goes with each animation, alter or remove each message or broadcast the plugin sends.

Each crate has it's OWN file for you to edit, saving you time from scrolling through a long config file. Add as many rewards as you want to choose from, change the number of rewards picked and also ADD BONUS REWARDS.

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♦ Unlimited amount of crates/lootboxes/monthly crates to be made.
♦ Edit anything any everything about a crate including; The item, rewards. commands, animation and more.
♦ Use the IN-GAME CRATE CREATOR to easily generate a new crate file with the defaults added.
♦ In-game unlock point editor.
♦ THREE amazing 3D animations, and more added regularly.

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For support on my plugins, please visit our support Discord server, thank you!

The server can be found here: https://discord.gg/g7E5Q4B
PLEASE contact me for support before leaving a bad review about an issue.
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