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EliteDuels is the ultimate, and next-level duelling plugin that is a must-have for your sever. With the support of Factions, Skyblock & CombatTagPlus, you will allow your players to seamlessly duel one another!

Create CUSTOM KITS, using either items or commands that you configure! Hey, yes, we also support EliteEnchantments and AdvancedEnchantments. Go one step further than everyone else by adding Custom Enchantments to your kits.

/duels - Duel Commands for players
/dueladmin - Duel Commands for admins

(This plugin requires WorldGuard for it to work properly. WorldGuard is used to stop users from teleporting into a duel arena region)

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Multiple Hooks
Supporting Factions, Skyblock and CombatTagPlus - allow your players to easily duel one another. Also, hook into EliteEnchantments and AdvancedEnchantments to add custom enchants to your kits

Custom Kits
Create custom kits for your players to duel in. Add names, data, enchants and custom enchants.

Duel Settings
When players duel, they are able to enable and disable certain features in that duel specifically. Don't want either of you to heal? No problem. Don't want either of you to be able to shoot bows? No problem. A full list of settings can be seen in a below gif.

NBT and Material Item Filter
You have control over what items you want to be banned in duels, and yes, NBT tags ARE supported. Filter by material type, or an NBT key... or both, I won't judge.

Unlimited Arenas
Create an unlimited amount of arenas. Simply use the in-game Duel Admin commands (/dueladmin) and from there, it will tell you everything you need to know.

Customizable Menus
Customize the menus to your liking. Simple

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NOTE: If you have an issue, please do not leave a bad review. ASK FOR HELP before anything

For support, please contact me via the support Discord. You must verify your purchase once in the Discord. If you're unsure, ask someone in general chat - they're always happy to help :)

Discord: https://discord.gg/g7E5Q4B