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EliteFurniture is an interactive crafting system, where you can watch step by step the formation of items, which will be suspended above the crafting table, you can create new crafts based on a configuration in the game and there is an explanation of that in the wiki

The texture pack includes a table block, 3 chairs and 3 wooden models (downloadable in the discord)

GUI config in the game


/ef crafts (elitefurniture.craft) - add tables/crafts to the plugin

/ef reload (elitefurniture.admin) - reload plugin

/ef model(elitefurniture.model) - assigning a pattern when several items of a material are joined together (you need to have the item in hand)

/ef merge yml (elitefurniture.merge) - transfer all your data to MySQL

/ef help - see all commands

/ef shop - all commands related to sell furniture

Supported plugins

Why would I buy the plugin?
Clean crafting system
Recipes visible only to the player
MySQL Support
System to cancel crafting and return items
Adjustable armor stand height Configurable in game
Conventional models for single-material recipes
Customized particles and customizable speed, count
Customizable sounds

Config Example

check-update: true
    # Types: YML or MySQL
    database-type: yml
        enabled: true
        # IP of your host
        host: localhost
        port: 3306
        # database user
        user: root
        # database password
        password: test
        # database name
        database: elitefurtniture
# when you move this distance away, materials are returned to you and crafting is canceled.
distance-cancel-craft: 3
# if true: allows using vanilla blocks. If false: only for plugins supported
default: false
    height: 0.2
            speed: 0.05
            count: 10
            type: ''
            speed: 0.05
            count: 10
            type: ''
            speed: 0.05
            count: 10
            type: ''
        return: ''
        change-item: ''
        craft: ''
    full-inventory: "&bEliteFurtniture &8-> &7Oh no, you have no space in the inventory."
    away: "&bEliteFurtniture &8-> &7Crafting has been cancelled"
    far: "&bEliteFurtniture &8-> &7You are too far away"

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if you have it and if you need help don't hesitate to go to discord



Warning: This plugin works with Texture Pack but can be used without it, functions below 1.14 do not support this Texture Pack function.

Coming Soon

Furniture store system
Furniture's own system with new features
More addons to come

Is this plugin Open Source?

To get access to the plugin code you need to have purchased the plugin and request permission to Masaki in the discord to get access to it.

Terms Of Service

1. You agree not to redistribute this product or claim it as your own.2. No refunds on purchases

3. Modification of this product is permitted after purchase.

4. Never Re-sell this or share the product to other people.

5. Don't impersonate as me, and selling this product to others.