ELITEPACK CONFIG is a product that contains various configurations of the "Elite" plugin series. The pack has configurations for the following plugins:

  • EliteBosses.
  • EliteArmor.






  •  CLEAN DESIGN - Cute design and very pleasing to the eye.
  •  NICE MESSAGES - Messages, menu descriptions and item descriptions have been modified for a better visual experience.


  •  [X15] BOSSES - Variety of bosses available for your choice.
    • Anubis
    • Bloodsucker
    • Cyclop
    • Dark Knight
    • Devil
    • Drowned Pirate
    • Evil Pumpkin
    • Firebreather
    • Ghost
    • King Goblin
    • Minotaur
    • Mummy
    • Skeleton Viking
    • Zombie Viking
    • [NEW] Sculk Monster
  •  PHASES - Each boss has 3 phases. The phases depend on the life that the boss has, making their difficulty increase a bit.
  •  [X44] SKILLS - Each boss was designed with "Skills" which are developed as the boss changes phase.
  •  PARTICLES - Each boss has different particles that are displayed when using their respective skill, or in the case of all, when changing phases.
  • [NEW]  AUTOSPAWN - All bosses have a random spawn setting already in place to save work.



  •  [X4] ARMORS - New armor with enchantments and effects.
    • Heavy.
    • Farmer.
    • Slayer.
    • Sorrow.
  •  DEFAULT ARMORS - The default armors have been modified in their descriptions for a better visual experience.
  •  [X4] LOOTBOXES - Different qualities of LootBoxes to obtain armor sets and weapons.
  • [SOON]  CRAFTINGS - Craft to obtain some types of armor.







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