• Add up to 2000 Emojis
  • Emojis can be tabbed in the tabcompletion
  • Choose if the emoji or the placeholder can be tabbed
  • Customize the placeholder
  • Each emoji can have a permission to be enabled for the player.
  • Placeholders will automatically replaced with the emoji in a public chat message if the player has the permission for it
  • The plugin will create the resource pack for you
  • You can use the placeholders in anvil, books and on signs
  • My plugin doesn't provide any emoji textures itself. You have to make your own or use existing textures (I used for example this website emoji.gg)
  • Emojis are only visible if the player has the resource pack activated
  • A texture must be in PNG format and the file name must be in lowercase letters with no spaces: for example my_emoji.png
  • The max size of a texture is 256x256 pixels (I suggest using a maximum of 80 pixels in height, because otherwise the emoji is way to small)
  • My plugin will customize the tablist like shown below if the version is below 1.19.1 or you are using Spigot (adds placeholder players to the tab)
  Tablist with placeholders
Create an Emoji and setup the resource pack
  1. Copy the emoji texture in the folder emoji-pictures
  2. Execute the command /emojis add <file-name> <placeholder> <optionalPermission> | file-name is the name of the file in the emoji-pictures folder and placeholder is the name of the emoji you can tab in chat
  3. Execute the command "/emojis generate" to generate the resource pack
  4. You will now get a sha1 and there will be a zip in the plugin folder with the name EmojiPack.zip This is the resource pack needed to see the custom emojis
  5. Go into the config and set the value sha1 to: sha1: "<your-sha1>" or use /emojis sha1 <your-sha1> to set the sha1 directly
  6. Upload the resourcepack to a filehoster (using Dropbox in the example here)
  7. Go to Dropbox and upload the EmojiPack.zip
  8. Select the EmojiPack.zip on Dropbox, click on share, click copy link. The link will look like https://www.dropbox.com/s/.../EmojiPack.zip?dl=0
  9. Go into the config and set the value link to: link: "https://www.dropbox.com/s/.../EmojiPack.zip?dl=0" and change dl=0 to dl=1
  10. Enable the resource pack setter in the config: enable-setter: true
  11. Additionally you can set the force-use option to true as well. This will kick the player if they decline the resource pack.
  12. Now execute /emojis rl and you are good to go.
  • emojis | Opens a book with all emojis and it's placeholders
  • emojis rl
  • emojis add <file-name> <placeholder> [optional]<permission> | Add a new emoji
  • emojis generate | Generates the resource pack
  • emojis sha1 <sha1> | Sets the sha1 in the config
  • emojis cleanup | Deletes resource pack and refactors the emojis.yml


  • Can I change the tablist back to normal?
    • Yes but then you can't tab the emojis anymore. To do so use tab-mode: none

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