Type: Emotes, Cosmetics

Supported versions: Any that IA and MCC support

File formats: JSON, PNG, YAML, BBMODEL

Implemented with: ItemsAdder or MCCosmetics


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I present you my first pack of Emotes that will be added as time goes by.

The pack contains:

48 Emotes, Configuration for ItemsAdder and MCCosmetics.
List of emotes: loop, angry attack, spooky dance, sumerge, fly, stand, chocobo walk, spawn, tpose, hurt me, disassemble, tiki dance, stun, punch down, lying, pointing to, impact hit, impatient, fast, run scared, somersault, wakanda forever, no, yes, not marked, glove, handshake, head turning, hike, fish, no way, tpose plus, jijijaja, zombie walk, angry, push ups, push ups plus, high five, slap, snow angel, guitar playing, head throwing, jojopose, sonic fast, fnf, air kick, fall off edge, run

ItemsAdder Showcase

MCCosmetics Showcase


Do you have any questions? Contact me on Discord - Masaki#3660

For this package to work perfectly you must have the default plugins resources, either the core shaders and also models for emotes.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing any of my assets.

Coming soon:
  Emotes ItemsAdder menu
  more animations
  icons for emotes

Terms Of Service

1. You agree not to redistribute this product or claim it as your own.

2. No refunds on purchases

3. Modification of this product is permitted after purchase.

4. Never Re-sell this or share the product to other people.

5. Don't impersonate as me, and selling this product to others.

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