NOTE: Please make sure that you're in the survival mode to use this plugin!

This plugin will allow you to enchant an item using an Enchantment book.  You can simply click the item in your inventory with the Enchantment book, you can apply the enchantment on the book to the item.

It supports regular books of Enchantment as well as its custom EnchantmentBook (TEBook).  You can access enchantments available in your TokenEnchant system through TEBook (TokenEnchantBook).

NOTE: as of v2.0.0, you can add any name as Enchantment in TEBook's lore even if such custom enchantment is not in TokenEnchantment as long as they are lore-based custom enchant.

You can create TEBook, with Enchantments available on your TokenEnchant system using
/tebook give command.  /tebook give command has the following format:
/tebook give <player> <bookname> [amount] [s:rate] [d:rate] <item:type> [<item:type>...] <enchant:level> [<enchant:level>...]
  • <player> : to whom this command gives the TEBook
  • <bookname> : you can name this TEBook with this parameter,
  • [s:rate] : (optional) specifies the rate of enchantment process being successful.  The rate should be specified between 0 - 100 (default 100%), or you can put "s:random" to get randomly assigned rate.
  • [d:rate] : (optional) specifies the rate of this book destroying the item you wish to enchant. (default 0%), or you can put "s:random" to get randomly assigned rate.
  • <item:type> : the type of item which this enchantment can be applied to (you can have any number of item type specified just add more item:type separated by a space.  You can do "item:*" to indicate that this book can be applied to any item type.  Or, you can put "target" name defined under "Targets:" section to cover multiple item types.
  • <enchant:level> : the name of enchantment and its level.  You can have many <enchant:level> terms.

NOTE: If you add '+' sign in front of the enchantment level, you will be "adding" the level to your existing enchantment level.


/tebook give vk2gpz TestBook item:DIAMOND_PICKAXE item:GOLD_PICKAXE Efficiency:2 Unbreaking:2 Excavation:3

will give a player <vk2gpz> a book called "TestBook", which can be applied to either Diamond Pickaxe or Gold Pickaxe, and when it's applied, it will put Efficiency II, Unbreaking II and Excavation III enchantments on the pickaxe.

You can also create an enchantedbook, with Enchantments using /tebook vgive command.  /tebook vgive command has the following format:
/tebook vgive <player> <bookname> [amount] <enchant:level> [<enchant:level>...]


  • /tebook help : displays the help menu
  • /tebook reload : reloads config.yml file.
  • /tebook give <player> <bookname> [amount] <s:rate> <d:rate> <item:type> <item:type> <enchants:level> [<enchants:level>...] : gives <player> the TokenEnchant book.
  • /tebook protector <player> <title> <limit> [amount]: gives <player> the protector named <title> which can protect the item <limit> times.
  • /tebook vgive <player> <bookname> <amount> <enchants:level> [<enchants:level>...] : gives <player> the vanilla enchanted book with the specified enchantmetns.

  • enchantmentbook.use : It allows you to use EnchantmentBook function.
  • enchantmentbook.use.vanilla : It allows you to use EnchantmentBook with vanilla enchantment
  • enchantmentbook.give : it allows you to use /tebook give command.
  • enchantmentbook.reload : it allows you to use /tebook reload command.


First, you need to install "lore-based" custom enchant plugin such as TokenEnchant plugin. Once you've installed CE plugn like TE, you can put EnchantmentBook.jar in the plugins folder.