The official support is provided here.

This is the re-implementation of "Engram" plugin featured in SSundee's Faction Series Youtube video:

A player can be given an engram, which encodes the chance to win some special goodies.  (You can use a number of different ways to give out the engram such as crates, lucky mining, donation rewards, etc)

Once the user gets the engram, s/he will hand it over to the EngramNPC, which will decipher your engram for you, and find out and give you the special item/rewards!

The server owners can define many different tiers of engrams, each of which encodes different special items (or commands to be executed) with their own chance of successfully obtaining).

Test Server:

  • /engram help : displays this help menu.
  • /engram reload : reloads config file.
    • permission: "engram.reload"
  • /engram debug <true|false> : turn on / off the debug mode."
    • permission: "engram.debug"
  • /engram setnpc <name> <true|false> : create an Engram NPC, which is defined in config.yml.
    • permission: "engram.npc.create"
  • /engram give <player> <tier> <amount> : give <player> <amount> of <tier> engram.
    • permission: "engram.give"

  • engram.use : use engrams.



Engram Tiers: