What is ExecutableItems ?

Our powerful plugin allows you to fully customize every aspect of your items, and adding unique activators on your items !
With ExecutableItems, the possibilities are truly endless.
Dive into a realm where MMO/RPG ambiance meets boundless possibilities. With ExecutableItems, you hold the reins - craft and control your custom items precisely the way you envision.

Over 120 items are included by default - and the creation process is extremely easy to understand. Particularly in our experienced in-game editor. (start to create with /ei editor)


Customize every settings of your items

ExecutableItems is a plugin that offers the best customization, the amount of settings you can edit is very wide. And we work hard to keep the plugin optimized for large servers. It's a work that started 3 years ago so we have a large background of feedback, and we added a lot of custom cool item settings during this time. (wiki)

  Basic settings



More than 100 Triggers / Activators
Unleash your creativity with the activators of ExecutableItems. With this unique feature of EI you will be able to execute everything in almost every situation ! In addition we continuously add optimized new activators to serve your needs.
We these activators you can render you items dynamic and add all abilities you want ! (wiki)

  Triggers / Activators


Custom requirements

With the plugin you can add all requirements you want to for your activators, some are already implemented to make your life simple ! (Money, Mana, Experience, Items) But you can easily add your custom requirements since it supports the placeholders from the other plugins ! (wiki)

Custom conditions and custom commands

There is no part we forget ! In these activators you will be able to check and run everything. We worked hard on a custom library SCore that offers more than 100 custom conditions and more than 100 custom commands. (wiki)

Possibilities and Examples

Unleash your creativity with ExecutableItems ! While the possibilities for custom items are infinite, we've created a list of items to demonstrate the powerful potential of this plugin. We also recreated many items of the most popular MMO games and servers. Here are some examples (non-exhaustive list, join the discord with your ideas and we will help you to create it !) (wiki) :

  More Examples



  Important for [1.8 - 1.13] users