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ExploitFixer is a frequently updated, high performance security plugin that protects your server against multiple type of exploits like CustomPayload spam, Big packets exploit, Crash commands, Crashing creative items of death, Packets spam abuse, Invalid slot crash in inventories and lecterns, Map server lagger, Invalid items like Fireworks, Signs, Books, Containers and many other protection methods.


Our smart packet limiter is highly configurable, counts the packets and data together to prevent future any possible exploit combinations and processes data before they reach the main server decoder.


We have an affordable price so anyone can have access easily to all our security features. Consider donating to help our project grow.


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  • High Performance: ExploitFixer uses it's own packet listener library (HamsterAPI) which allows the plugin to run very high performance and behind any plugin events to prevent exploits from running server logic that can increase the CPU usage.
  • Packet Exploit Fix: ExploitFixer fixes many variations of packets exploits by smartly limiting size and rate, even private exploits that that can crash or lag the vanilla server but few people made crashers to use them yet. (Every packet is protected)
  • CustomPayload Fixes: ExploitFixer fixes CustomPayload exploits by checking and limiting their content and types.
  • Commands Crash Fix: ExploitFixer has a configurable and smart variation prone list of commands that can crash the server. This commands are blocked forever from being executed to permanently fix crasher commands.
  • Creative Items Fix: ExploitFixer fixes hacked creative items by remaking their data from scratch which disallows and blocks any kind of Creative item exploit possible.
  • Signs Crasher Fix: ExploitFixer blocks the creation of invalid signs to fix crasher clients from using this very vulnerability.
  • Lectern Crasher Fix: ExploitFixer blocks invalid interaction while on a lectern menu to prevent the server from crashing.
  • Map Label Crasher Fix: ExploitFixer disables labels from maps so players can't make zones that can crash players permanently because of too many maps with too many label entities.
  • Invalid Inventory Slot Fix: ExploitFixer blocks invalid slots interactions with any inventory so the server does not crash in the process.
  • NBT Crasher Fix: ExploitFixer blocks any item from having too many NBT tags which can cause the server to crash when a crasher client sends too many of this tags inside a packet.
  • Book Crasher Fix: ExploitFixer limits the title, total size and size of pages of all books inside the server to prevent them from crashing the server.
  • Cow Duplication Fix: ExploitFixer adds a small cooldown to cow shearing to avoid duplication exploits.
  • Dispenser Crasher Fix: ExploitFixer blocks invalid dispenser positions to prevent players from dropping items to invalid places.







  • /exploitfixer help - Shows the available commands of the plugin.
  • /exploitfixer reload - Eeloads the plugin configuration.
  • /exploitfixer notifications - Toggles notifications for yourself.
  • /exploitfixer stats - Shows you some information about the plugin.




  • exploitfixer.admin - Permission to use administration commands.
  • exploitfixer.notifications - Permission to toggle notifications.




Install the plugin in all your Spigot/Paper servers. (Use FlameCord to fix BungeeCord exploits and bot attacks)


This plugin requires HamsterAPI installed in your Spigot servers. This is a custom High Performance packet listener.

Install the plugin in all your Spigot/Paper servers.
This plugin requires HamsterAPI installed in your Spigot servers. This is a custom High Performance packet listener.
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