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Mine more efficiently! Let your players store their mined/picked items! Includes many unique and special features such as filtering, sorting or selling!

This plugin can be used in almost any game modes, but works best in Skyblock and Prison server. Giving each player almost unlimited storage, which can be used to contain the vanilla items.

For example, after you have mined any block, instead of being dropped to the ground, it will be automatically picked up into your storage. It also eliminates the lag caused by dropped items.

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  1. Support multiple versions: from 1.8.8 to latest version.
  2. Support the most popular skyblock plugins: SuperiorSkyblock, ASkyblock, FabledSkyblock, AcidSkyblock, uSkyblock, BentoBox, ...
  3. Multiple currencies support: Vault, PlayerPoints, TokenManager.
  4. Detailed explanation in every configuration files.
  5. Blacklisted worlds: You can add the world name that you don't want to store item on.
  6. Support protection plugins such as: WorldGuard, eZProtector, CoreProtect.
  7. Fully GUI Support (name, lore, slot, model-data, head texture, sound).
  8. Players can filter out what items they want to auto pickup into their storage.
  9. Sorting items by Name, Amount, Items are not in use.
  10. Good performance: Reduce lagging by auto pickup items into players storage.
  11. PlaceholderAPI support.
  12. Powerful developer APIs!
  13. Active developer and premium support via Discord!
  14. Everything is configurable.
  15. And a lot more that are not mentioned here.
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All of plugins below are SOFT-DEPEND, you don't need to install if you don't want to use them.
  1. Vault, PlayerPoints, TokenManager: For currency support.
  2. SuperiorSkyblock2, BentoBox, aSkyblock, uSkyblock, AcidIsland: Island protected.
  3. PlaceholderAPI: for display statistic of players.
  4. ShopGui+: Support item's price from shopgui+ for selling.
  5. HeadDatabase: Support head texture for GUI item.
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After downloading the product, please read the instructions files carefully before asking for support. Thank you.

• I strongly recommend you to contact me through Discord, as I'll be most active there. Also, join my discord server for the best support and be notified of any updates I upload! To gain access to the channel, open a ticket and send me verification of your purchase, including a visible name so I can verify your purchase! If you have any questions or want to report any bugs, feel free to message me, I'll contact back as soon as possible!

• Please do not use the review section to report your bugs!
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/54gVtSYmE5

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