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3.2.7 Nov 20, 2023
Changelogs v3.2.7


  • Removed debug message when parsing placeholder.
  • Removed some unnecessary code.


  • Fixed some internal bugs.

3.2.6 Nov 4, 2023
Changelogs v3.2.6

Hotfixes v3.2.6:

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from throwing out items from their own inventory by clicking outside the gui box.

3.2.5 Nov 4, 2023
Changelogs v3.2.5

Changelogs v3.2.5:

  • Fixed the plugin could not be loaded on version 1.18.2
  • Fixed the storage could not be opened.

3.2.4 Nov 1, 2023
Changelogs v3.2.4

Changelogs v3.2.4:

  • Update the XSeries library to fix the issue when breaking blocks on version 1.20.2

3.2.3 Nov 1, 2023
Changelogs v3.2.3

Changelogs v3.2.3:

  • Fixed the plugin could not be loaded.
  • Fixed the storage could not be opened on version 1.20.2
  • Fixed some internal bugs.

3.2.2 Oct 4, 2023
Changelogs v3.2.2


  • Fixed command doesn't work.

3.2.1 Oct 3, 2023
Changelogs v3.2.1


  • Fixed some internal bugs.


  • Added 1.20.2 supports.

3.2.0 Oct 2, 2023
Changelogs v3.2.0


  • Fixed some internal bugs.


  • Removed unused code to reduce file size.

3.1.9 Sep 26, 2023
Changelogs v3.1.9


  • Fixed placeholders is unregistered after using /papi reload.


  • Added MATERIAL to sort type.
  • Added default sort type option to each GUIs.

You need to add these lines to the right file if you wish to configure it:


3.1.8 Sep 9, 2023
Changelogs v3.1.8


  • Fixed the FormatName option in the config.yml file always re-create after restarted the server.

3.1.7 Aug 31, 2023
Changelogs v3.1.7


  • Fixed an issue related to EconomyShopGUI plugin.

3.1.6 Aug 21, 2023
Changelogs v3.1.6


  • Fixed the placeholder used to display the item's quantity not working.

3.1.5 Aug 14, 2023
Changelogs v3.1.5


  • Added an option in the config file that allows you to enable/disable auto-store item after mining blocks.
  • Plugin will now automatically update the missing sections of your configuration file.


  • Fixed error when trying to load MySQL database.

3.1.4 Jul 24, 2023
Changelogs v3.1.4


  • Sometime, mined items will fall to the ground instead of being stored in the player's storage. This update fixed it.


  • Returned the placeholder {current} on ActionBar.

3.1.3 Jul 7, 2023
Changelogs v3.1.3


  • Fixed an issue related to ItemsAdder.

For those who are using version 3.1.2, please update the plugin to the latest version!

3.1.2 Jul 6, 2023
Changelogs v3.1.2


  • Fixed an issue where ItemsAdder's items were removed from the player's filter after a server restart.

If you are using this plugin with ItemsAdder, please get the update!

3.1.1 Jun 26, 2023
Changelogs v3.1.1


  • Fixed an issue related to price-modifier of ShopGUIPlus.

3.1.0 Jun 25, 2023
Changelogs v3.1.0


  • Added CoinsEngine support.
  • Added EXP as currency support.
  • Added price-modifier support from ShopGUIPlus.
  • Added an option 'OnlyStoreWhenInvFull' in config.yml, that only store items into the player's storage when their inventory is full.


  • Fixed wrong quantity when picked up items to the storage.
  • Fixed a bug related to WildStacker and UltimateStacker.

3.0.0 Jun 17, 2023
Important Update | v3.0.0

Changelogs v3.0.0:

  • Requires Java 16 and server version 1.16+ to run.
  • This version is not compatible with older versions. So, you need to reset almost everything for it to work.



  • Adjusted some APIs to make it easier to use.
  • Removed Title messages.
  • Removed these following commands: /es send, /esadmin renew.
  • Removed searching for item.
  • Fixed a minor bug related to the Whitelist option.
  • Merged sorting buttons into one.
  • Merged GUI buttons into one.

2.8.0 May 30, 2023
Changelogs v2.8.0

Changelogs v2.8.0:

  • Added transaction logs.

Use this feature to help you easily manage player spending. This feature can be enabled/disabled at the UseTransactionLog section in the config.yml file.

2.7.2 May 26, 2023
Changelogs v2.7.2

Changelogs v2.7.2:

  • Fixed an issue related to AsyncPlayerChatEvent.

2.7.1 Apr 19, 2023
Changelogs v2.7.1

Changelogs v2.7.1:

  • Fixed the placeholder quantity not working.

2.7.0 Apr 18, 2023
Changelogs v2.7.0

Changelogs v2.7.0:

  • Updated / Added a few placeholders.
%exstorage_space% - Displays the maximum storage space.
%exstorage_space_formatted% - Same as above, but formatted.

%exstorage_used_space% - Displays the total amount of space used.
%exstorage_used_space_formatted% - Same as above, but formatted.

%exstorage_free_space% - Displays the total amount of free space.
%exstorage_free_space_formatted% - Same as above, but formatted.

%exstorage_used_percent% - Same with used_space, but in percentage.
%exstorage_used_percent_formatted% - Same as above, but formatted.

%exstorage_free_percent% - Same with free_space, but in percentage.
%exstorage_free_percent_formatted% - Same as above, but formatted.

%exstorage_quantity_<material-key>% - Displays the quantity of the item, or -1 if it doesn't exist.
%exstorage_quantity_formatted_<material-key>% - Same as above, but formatted.

2.6.8 Apr 13, 2023
Changelogs v2.6.8

Changelogs v2.6.8:

  • Fixed an issue related to UltimateStacker.

2.6.7 Apr 9, 2023
Changelogs v2.6.7

Changelogs v2.6.7:

  • Fixed an issue related to storage space.

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