This is one of the best Survival Setup available on Polymart. It mainly focuses
on Player Experience and Excellent Quality.
The setup is 1.19.2 only and works on all servers.
➥ Random Teleport to randomly teleport into world.
➥ Clean chat format with Tags.
➥ Chat Games for more fun.
➥ Grief Prevention to prevent grief and add land claiming.
➥ Farm Control plugin to prevent lag.
➥ 4 Different Player kits for server monetization.
➥ 6 Different player ranks with perms set up.
➥ 4 Different types of Crates including Vote Crate.
➥ Voting Reward pre setup with 3 example vote sites for easy configuration.
➥ GUI Menus for everything.
➥ Server Tutorial NPC and command for server tutorial.
➥ Auction Master for easy Auctions.
➥ Auction Master item display in lobby.
➥ Player profiles of players.
➥ Trade System with Shift + Right click.
➥ Ability to set homes and teleport to them.
➥ Anti redstone clock feature.
➥ Coin flipper to earn more.
➥ Full Economy setup.
➥ Bartender to buy different potions with different effects.
➥ Bank system with interest.
➥ Skills with rewards.
➥ Create teams with other players.
➥ Core protect to check blocks.
➥ Interaction VIsualizer with more animations (toggelable).
➥ Fast craft for donators.
➥ Chat tags for donators.
➥ No lag Xray detector with alerts to find Xrayers.
➥ Player warps to create warp and showcase.
➥ Job system to earn more money.
➥ Daily Fly time for different ranks.
➥ Fly Time shop (/tfly shop).
➥ Holograms abov mobs & damage indicators.
➥ Dropped items holograms with despawn time.
➥ Holograms in lobby.
➥ Sitting system for both donators and normal players.
➥ Custom and good looking Scoreboard & Tablist.
➥ Ability to buy and sell claim blocks.
➥ Lottery system to buy lottery tickets.
➥ Create chest shops quick by just left clicking on chest with items.
➥ Staff Mode command for staff to examine players.
➥ Jump pads in lobby.
➥ Fully working Nick system with Perms.
➥ Elevators for donators.
➥ Glow system for donators with effects too.
➥ Server related configurable announcements with Bossbar.
➥ Withdraw XP and Money with commands.
➥ Enchanting area in lobby.
➥ Particles effect in lobby.
➥ PvP Manager.
➥ Skip night smoothly with sleeping.
➥ Advanced shop.
➥ Tab list rank sorting.
➥ NPCs all around the lobby.
➥ Gradient texts.
➥ And many more...
  Server Menu
  Hologram & Gradient Colors
  Player Warps
  Auction House
  Player Profile
  MOTD, Bossbar, Tablist & Scoreboard
  Voting GUI


1. You can not claim it as yours.
2. Price can be changed without any notice.
3. Your access can be revoked in case of leaking the resouce.
4. No refund will be issued in any case.
5. Support will only be provided in official Discord server.
6. You can not resell my resource.
7. Report any bugs to us.
Help & Support - 
Discord Username - programerd#4405