• Fully configurable menus and multiple menus creation and accessing via config actions
  • Anti Break
  • Anti Item Movement
  • Anti Portal
  • Anti Item Drop
  • Anti Damage
  • Anti Chat
  • Anti Hunger
  • Join message
  • Leave message
  • Flying pearl with two modes
  • Player Visibility
  • Lobby Speed
  • Cosmetics
  • Chat Format
  • Spawn Teleport
  • Customizable join items
  • Servers Menu
  • Lobby-Servers Menu
  • Launch Pads
  • Double Jump [infinite]
  • Built-in Queue
  • Customizable servers
  • Scoreboard
  • Custom Tab
  • Armor Gadgets
  • Multiple plugins support
  • MySQL Database
  • Vault - used to get player's rank,prefix etc.
    • Same goes for AquaCore, LuckPerms and Football's Core, Mizu, Root, Neutron, mCore, Chronium, HestiaCore, Stark, nCore
    • If you wish to have your core added DM us on discord with your API.
  • Protocol Lib, Protocol Support or ViaVersion - used for custom tab to work properly.
  • Leave Queue [/leavequeue]
  • Join Queue [/joinqueue <server>]
  • Pause Queue [/pausequeue <server>] [perm = "
  • Gadget [/gadget <name>]
  • HubCore [/hubcore]
  • HubCore Reload [/hubcore reload] [perm = "
  • Set Spawn [/setspawn] [perm = "



Full configs are located on the wiki:



These placeholders work in FateHub's menus, scoreboards, messages, and tab list.

  1. {status-serverbungeename}: Retrieves the status of a server.
  2. {online-serverbungeename}: Retrieves the number of players online on a server.
  3. {queued-serverbungeename}: Retrieves the number of players in a queue for a server.
  4. {count:serverbungeename1:serverbungeename2:serverbungeename3}: Retrieves the total count of players across entered servers. (Example: Retrieves the total count of players on 3 servers)
  5. {bungee-online}: Retrieves the total number of players on Bungee.

Note: The serverbungeename is the Bungee name of the server in lowercase.

Scoreboard Placeholders

  1. <global_count>: Retrieves the total number of players on Bungee.
  2. <player>: Retrieves the player's name.
  3. <prefix>: Retrieves the player's prefix. (If using LuckPerms, the rank name will match its color.)
  4. <rank>: Retrieves the rank of a player. (If your core is supported in cores.yml, the rank name will match its color.)
  5. <suffix>: Retrieves the player's suffix.
  6. <queue_server>: Retrieves the queue server name.
  7. <pos>: Retrieves the position in the queue.
  8. <in_queue>: Retrieves the total number of players in a player's queue.

Tab Placeholders

  1. {player}: Retrieves the player's name.
  2. {prefix}: Retrieves the player's prefix.
  3. {rank}: Retrieves the rank of a player.
  4. {suffix}: Retrieves the player's suffix.
  5. {ping}: Retrieves the ping of a player.

PlaceholderAPI Specific

  1. %FateHub_first_joined%: Returns the player's first join date.

The following placeholders require the player to be in a queue, as they are based on the player's status:

  1. %FateHub_queue_pos%: Returns the current queue position for the player.
  2. %FateHub_in_queue%: Returns the total number of players in the queue.
  3. %FateHub_queue_server%: Returns the server the player is queuing for.
  4. %FateHub_first_joined%: Returns the player's first join date.


  1. queue.priority.1-50 - Grants priority access to specific queues. (1 being the highest)
  2. queue.bypass - Bypasses all queue restrictions.
  3. queue.bypass.servername - Bypasses the queue for a specific server.
  4. hub.bypass.vis - Bypasses player visibility toggles.
  5. hub.options.bypass.drop - Bypasses item dropping restrictions.
  6. hub.options.bypass.pick - Bypasses item picking up restrictions.
  7. - Bypasses chat restrictions.
  8. fatehub.inv.bypass - Bypasses inventory move restrictions.
  9. - Automatically enables fly mode on join.
  10. fatehub.reload - Displays a reload message when attempting to run /reload.
  11. hub.bypass.vis - Bypasses player hider.
  12. fatehub.interact.bypass - Bypasses the interaction block list.
  13. fatehub.update - Shows the update message when joining the server.
  14. hub.gadgets.NAME - Grants access to a specific gadget. Replace NAME with the name of the gadget. (Example: hub.gadgets.hearts)