This plugin will allow you to generate a map with flat Bedrock layer at the bottom of the world, and also at the top on the nether world)".  You can also specify how many layers of Bedrock you wish to have.

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  • install FlatBedrock.jar in your plugins folder.
  • then, restart or load the plugin,
  • adjust your config.yml, (NOTE: DefaultLayers  must be equal or greater than Layers option.)
  • shut down your server,
  • remove your world(s), which you listed in the config.yml
  • restart the server.

Since this plugin uses its own Generator for filling the border, if the chunks along the border were already generated, it will skip those chunks.  Hence it's best to install and generate chunks around the border on the fresh map.

Video Tutorial by @Cousax

  ErrorMsg : "&c[FlatBedrock] : Some error occured."

    msg: "=== &e[&aFlatBedrock Commands List (%version%)&e] &r==="
    msg: "&a/flatbedrock help : displays this help menu."
    msg: "&a/flatbedrock reload : reloads config file."
    permission: "flatbedrock.reload"
    msg: "&a/flatbedrock debug <true|false> : turn on / off the debug mode."
    permission: "flatbedrock.debug"

# adjust these event priority if those event processes from this plugin
# interfere with other plugins' event processes.
  WorldInitEvent: "NORMAL"
  ChunkLoadEvent: "NORMAL"

# NOTE: DefaultLayers  must be equal or greater than Layers option.
DefaultLayers: 5 # this is the default layers, where replacement process will search.
Layers: 3 # in blocks, how many layers you want fill.  it should be < DefaultLayers

# if this option is set to true, the bedrock will be forced to be flattened at every chunk load
# please be cautious about using this option.
FlatOnChunkLoad : false

  - world
#  - world_nether

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