Supported MC Versions1.15, 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.8
Req. Server SoftwareSpigot
LanguagesFrench (fr), Chinese (zh), Portuguese (pt)
Basic Commands/fly, /tempfly, /flyspeed, /toggletrail, /flightcontrol

An elegant solution for controlling player flight.

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You have choices with FlightControl. I've developed a custom categories configuration style for those who like stuff organized in a file, or you can use permissions.

You'll be able to control whether players can fly while in
  1. worlds,
  2. regions,
  3. faction territory types (enemy, wilderness, warzone, etc.),
  4. combat,
  5. range of another player,
  6. lands (Lands),
  7. claims (GriefPrevention),
  8. towns (Towny),
  9. almost anything you can name (if you don't see what you want, let me know on Discord that you want a feature!).

Oh, and by the way, there's also
  1. temporary flight,
  2. flight speed control (per-player AND global!),
  3. fall damage protection,
  4. auto-updating (you don't even have to touch the config :O),
  5. on-the-fly config reloading (so you don't have to reload configs constantly)
  6. in-game config editing (with commands),
  7. custom sounds on enable/disable.

Like a fancy trail to go along with all the other features? No problem!

Psst.. don't worry, FlightControl also disables trails if a player/admin is in vanish or is invisible.

You can't have a proper plugin without some customizable messages! We even have translations into French and Chinese! (If you want to contribute let me know on Discord) You can use actionbar notifications if you don't want to clutter your players' chats too!

Ah yes, the usually tedious and annoying permissions. Not a problem this time though! The details are all here.

  1. FlightControl only supports Spigot and its forks
  2. FlightControl utilizes bStats for popularity metrics and is a helpful motivator to me. If you wish to disable it, locate the bStats config.
  3. Make sure WorldEdit and WorldGuard are up-to-date if you use region flight enable
  4. Other versions than tested versions (1.8, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15) should work, but I make no guarantee upfront. (I will help you if you run into problems though!)

Optional features that require other plugins:
  1. Disabling of flight in combat (CombatTagPlus, CombatLogX, CombatLogPro, AntiCombatLogging, DeluxeCombat)
  2. Enabling/disabling of flight in factions territories (Factions by MassiveCraft, FactionsUUID, SavageFactions, SaberFactions)
  3. Enabling/disabling of flight in regions (WorldGuard)
  4. Enabling of flight in player's town/land (Towny, Lands, GriefPrevention)
  5. Enabling of flight with the "Wings" enchantment (CrazyEnchantments 1.8 BETA)
  6. Trail auto-disabling (Essentials, PremiumVanish, SuperVanish)

If you have any issues, make an issue on GitHub or visit the DiscordPLEASE do not leave an error in your reviewIt is a poor way to communicate and I likely won't have enough information to fix the problem.

Also, if you haven't asked me for a feature, DO NOT leave a negative review only because the feature isn't there. It's rude and confusing--why don't you ask me or create a request on GitHub first?

Friendly Steps:
✓ Read through ALL the information in the configuration (if it seems like a bug)
✓ Contact me on Discord (if the config does not solve your problem)
✓ Create an official bug report or feature request first on GitHub

I work really hard on my open source projects, and I spend significant time developing their presentation, documentation, features, and code. I'd appreciate any donation you could make.

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