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Require Java 17!


  • FlipCard is a new type of reward plugin that draws inspiration from rogue-like dungeon games. After completing a level, players can choose one card from several unknown reward cards as their prize.
  • Directly hook into MythicDungeons plugin by registering new function in it's function tool and you can also start fllip card by use our command.
  • You can create unlimited card types within the flip UI and set the max number of cards players can flip. Both the flip UI and the cards themselves offer a high degree of customization, with numerous options available for adjustment. More details can be found in the Wiki.
  • It supports economic and item integration with 10+ plugins and supports placeholders from PlaceholderAPI.
  • You can set the rarity frame for rewards to let players know the rarity of each reward.
  • Customizable card and UI textures are available, with the plugin providing three sets of card textures and one set of UI textures. (Download them at Wiki, some of them maybe not updated to latest plugin version)
  • Dynamic rates and conditions are supported. The chances of obtaining rewards from cards and the conditions for obtaining them can different for each player. The rates options even support the use of PlaceholderAPI and mathematical symbols.
  • It features a smooth animation system. Please refer to the following GIF images for more details:




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How to use?



  • You are not allowed to leak/resell/share this plugin to other person.
  • You are not allowed to modify this plugin without our permission.
  • One purchase for one server.
  • No refunds.
  • Report bugs in our Discord.