FoodMaster is a minigame where you fight with food that has superpowers. There are 2 modes you can play. PvP and PvE.

Food - There are five weapons to choose from: Melon, Bread, Potato, Cookie, Fish and Beef.

Each weapon has its own powers.

PvP - You choose with whom to fight by inviting your friends to a group with this command: /fm group invite <player name>

/fm group accept <player name>

The PvP mode has 3 game modes: Free For All, Team Deathmatch, and Food Game.

Free For All - Everyone for themselves

Team Deathmatch - You can fight against up to 5 different teams: Green, Blue, Red, Cyan, Yellow

Food Game - All of the players start with Cookie, and with each kill, they get the food changes. When you get a kill with the last food, you are automatically the winner.

PvE - In this mode, you can fight against five different bosses. Enderman, Zombie, Slime, Skeleton, and Spider all have the magic powers to kill you.

You can play PvE without the need to be in a group.

To start a game, you can use the built-in GUI with the command: /fm gui 

or: /fm start <game mode>


🍉 FoodMaster Main Menu 🍉

If you get kicked from a game for some reason, then you can rejoin the game with this item. If someone is breaking the rules, then you can reset the player.

☠️ PvE ☠️

🌟 Foods🌟

For this example, I started a Team Deathmatch with 2 teams.


🐠 Fish🐠

🥔 Potato 🥔

🍉 Melon 🍉

🍪 Cookie 🍪

🥖 Bread🥖
🐮 Beef 🐮


The PvE game mode has some bosses from my plugin from SpigotMC

If you have a big server and you want this plugin then you can apply to be a partner in my discord server and open a ticket

You can see your own stats by using /fm stats
After your game ends, don't worry. You can play the same game again by right-clicking while holding the item.

When you start a game, you will be teleported to a waiting lobby where you can choose your equipment to play with. If you feel ready, you can be ready by right-clicking while holding the item. After some time, it will change to UNReady, which means that you are ready to fight.
If you get bored, then you can ride your teammates in the waiting lobby as well as the PvE bosses.
/fm set riding [pve-bosses/lobby-players] [on/off]


  1. foodm.pvp.freeforall - You can play Free For All
  2. foodm.pvp.teamdeathmatch - You can play Team Deathmatch
  3. foodm.pvp.foodgame - You can play Food Game
  4. foodm.pvp - You can play PvP mode
  5. foodm.pve - You can play PvE mode
  6. foodm.gui - You can open the GUI menu
  7. foodm.stats - The player can see the players' stats with /fm stats command
  8. foodm.end - This allows the player to end the game
  9. foodm.staff - This permission is only for the server staff members!
  10. foodm.rejoin - This gives you the ability to rejoin lobbies or games where you are kicked from
  11. foodm.reset - It will reset the plugin
  12. foodm.commands - You can play Food Master
  13. - This will allow the player to see the help command.
  14. foodm.set - This permission will allow the player to set the locations and timers.
  15. foodm.default - This permission will allow the player to reset the config to the default setting. All locations will be deleted!
  16. foodm.start - This permission will allow the player to start the game.
  17. foodm.kick - This permission will allow the player to kick players from the game or the waiting lobby.
  18. - You can see the group help menu
  19. - You can use the group system to play Food Master

Only some of the commands are here

  1. /fm set wait-spawn-point [waiting lobby name] - You can set unlimited locations as waiting lobby locations and you can call them whatever you want.
  2. /fm set game-time [time in seconds] - This will set the timer for the game.
  3. /fm set game-spawn-point [game name] [location name] - You can set unlimited spawn points for players to be teleported when the game starts or on respawn.
  4. /fm set end - This will set the location where players will be teleported when the game is ended or when players are kicked.
  5. /fm set friendly-fire [on or off] - If you want to take damage from your team then set it to ON or set it to OFF if you don't want to take damage.
  6. /fm set respawn [team-deathmatch/free-for-all] [on/off] - You can turn a game's respawn ON or OFF.
  7. /fm set enable-lives [on/off] [team-deathmatch/free-for-all] - You can turn a game's lives ON or OFF
  8. /fm help - Shows this menu.
  9. /fm default confirm - This will reset all config files to default values.
  10. /fm start [team-deathmatch/free-for-all/food-game] [teams(if you selected team-deathmatch)] - You can start a game with your group.
  11. /fm gui - Opens the FoodMaster GUI.
  12. /fm group invite [player name] - Invites the player whose name you have entered. The player that you invite will have 5 minutes to accept the invite.
  13. /fm group accept [player name] - You have to accept the invite of the player that you have specified.
  14. /fm group leave - You will leave the group.
  15. /fm group help - Shows this menu.
  16. /fm group chat [message] - Chat with your group.
  17. /fm group kick [player] [optional: reason] - Kicks specified player from your group.
  18. /fm group list - You can see the group members.


  1. deaths.yml - The total amount of deaths a player has
  2. game.yml - The game settings
  3. kills.yml - The total amount of kills a player has
  4. lobby.yml - The waiting lobby settings
  5. losses.yml - The total amount of losses a player has
  6. wins.yml - The total amount of wins a player has
  7. main.yml - Some more settings
  8. pve.yml - The PvE settings


You have to be in a group so you can play PvP
DO NOT CHANGE "number_of_game_names", "number_of_game_location_names", "number_of_wait-lobbies" unless you know what you are doing. those values are managed by the plugin so no need to worry about them. The rule of those values is to help organize the lobbies and the games.

Works from 1.14.2 to 1.19.2

If you spot a bug, then please join the Discord server and report it. As a reward for your report, you will be given the fixed version of this plugin for free.

When the game starts. The inventory of the player will be cleared.