This Tab Configuration is a professional and clean looking tab for your server. Prefixes/suffixes aren't set within the configuration, they will use your permission managers prefixes/suffixes. This configuration has been designed using HEX code for colours, however you are able to edit this back to regular Minecraft colour codes if you wish. If you wish to change the gradient colours, I suggest using


Style #1


Style #2




Tab - Can be downloaded from this link here

PlaceholderAPI - Can be downloaded from this link here



1. Download the Tab Configuration Folder

2. Find the config file for the style you like

3. Open the file, and copy over the contents into your existing config.yml folder

4. Either restart or use /tab reload

5. Enjoy your new tab!


For the second style, this uses a different font. To be able to access this font, you will need to head over to




If you are in need of support then please join the support discord!


Support will be provided for the following


♦ Troubles installing the configuration file


♦ Any bugs you find within the configuration file


♦ Additions/changes you might want to see added to the resource


♦ + Anything else you might be struggling with