Thousands of heads at your fingertips!

HeadDB gives you access to a database of thousands of heads!
With the running of a simple command, you can browse all of them.

  • Database with over 30.000 heads
  • Favorites Menu (Right-Click head in menu to add to favorites)
  • Local Heads (Heads from players that have joined the server)
  • Search Function (Easily Search for heads using /hdb search)
  • Give Function (Easily give heads to players using /hdb give)

Commands & Permissions
/hdb - Opens the database
/hdb search <name> - Search for a head
/hdb tagsearch <tag> - Search for heads matching a tag
/hdb give <id> <player> [amount] - Give the player a head (optional amount)
/hdb update - Update the database manually

headdb.admin - Admin Access (Grants all permissions)
headdb.open - Access to open the database
headdb.search - Access to search the database via /hdb search
headdb.tagsearch - Access to search the database via /hdb tagsearch
headdb.give - Access to give a player a head
headdb.favorites - Access to favorites menu
headdb.local - Access to local heads
headdb.update - Access to update the database via /hdb update

You may contribute to the project via GitHub
Report issues on the Issue Tracker

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