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Terms of Service
1. Support is only provided when I have time
2. Support is ONLY provided on the Tweetzy Discord Server, I do not check the discussion area. Do not use it for support.
3. I have the right to decline support
4. You will not claim this plugin is yours, repost it without permission, or attempt to sell.
5. The plugin is provided as is, I'm not responsible for invalid configuration that you may make.
6. You acknowledge that this plugin does not come with pre-made currencies or is meant to work by itself. This plugin is meant to be used with another plugin that uses Vault for economy.
7. Low rating reviews that provide no meaningful information or post error logs will be completely ignored. Use the bug report section on the Discord Server.
8. I reserve the right to change these at any time.
Commands - Permission:

/Funds - funds.admin

/Pay [user] [amount] [currency] -

/Balance - funds.cmd.balance

/Funds language - funds.cmd.language

/Funds support -

/Funds language, allows the user the set their preferred language assuming you've made additional translations and allow them to be used.
To use vault with Funds, you will need to make at least one currency, then set it as the vault currency, then reload. Funds will then use that currency as the default when handling vault balance changes. Funds will also use it as the default if a currency is not defined in /pay
Support is only provided on the Tweetzy Discord Server, Support is also only provided when I have time to do so.