Introducing Galaxy Core: Revolutionizing Minecraft Server Management!

Galaxy Core is the cornerstone plugin for your Minecraft server, offering a suite of powerful features designed to elevate your server management experience to new heights. From seamless administration to enhanced player interaction, SI Core empowers server owners and administrators with unparalleled control and flexibility.

Key Features:

1. Punishment Modules: Maintain order and discipline within your server community with customizable punishment modules, ensuring fair and effective enforcement of rules.

2. Punishment Ladders: Implement tiered punishment systems with ease, providing clear guidelines for disciplinary actions and promoting a balanced environment.

3. Ranks: Establish a structured hierarchy with customizable player ranks, granting privileges and responsibilities to members based on their contributions and engagement.

4. Granting System: Effortlessly assign ranks and permissions to players using an intuitive granting system, facilitating efficient administration and management.

5. Coin System for Store: Foster a vibrant in-game economy with a robust coin system, enabling players to engage in transactions and trade within your server's marketplace.

6. Permissions: Fine-tune access levels and privileges with comprehensive permission controls, ensuring that administrators have precise control over server operations and functionality.

7. Import from Lucky Perms: Seamlessly integrate permissions from Lucky Perms, simplifying the setup process and minimizing transition time for administrators.

8. Message Logging: Keep track of in-game messages for moderation and review purposes, promoting transparency and accountability within your server community.

9. Command Logging: Monitor server commands for auditing and troubleshooting, ensuring smooth operation and accountability at all times.

10. Disguise System: Add an element of fun and creativity with a versatile disguise system, allowing players to alter their appearances and identities within the game.

11. Server Management: Streamline administrative tasks with intuitive server management tools, empowering administrators to focus on community engagement and growth.

12. MOTD (Message of the Day): Customize the server MOTD to communicate important announcements and updates to players upon login, fostering communication and engagement.

13. Chat Management: Maintain a positive and welcoming community atmosphere with robust chat management features, including filtering, moderation, and customization options.

Experience the power and versatility of Galaxy Core – the ultimate solution for Minecraft server management. Elevate your server to new heights and unlock its full potential with Galaxy Core today!