Requires Vault and an economy plugin such as EssentialsX.
Quick overview: GambleBombs adds "bomb" items that can be given to players so that they can play a mine-field-like minigame. Right-click a bomb and a GUI will present itself. The player can bet money and then start opening hidden fields (custom chest skull texture by default). Each hidden field has a chance to either reveal a good multiplier (>1.0), a bad multiplier (1.0<), or a bomb, which would result in an instant loss of the game (all money bet lost). Each bomb can be configured to have a custom amount of tries, multipliers, and bombs.
• Fully customizable gamble bomb items
· Create gamble bombs with custom tries, multipliers, and bomb amounts
· Custom names, lores, flags, glow, custom heads, custom item textures (1.14+)
• Fully customizable GUI
· Configure the GUI to your heart's desire (check default config).
· Define "money" items with custom amounts for players to select money.
• Quality of Life Features
· Easily give items to everyone online (using * in the command)
· Fully customizable messages, actionbars, titles, and sounds for every scenario (RGB Support)
· Select how to display numbers (e.g 10000 can be shown as 10,000 or 10k)
· Use any PlaceholderAPI placeholder in plugin messages.
• General Quality
· Clickable chat menu with command suggestions and command executions.
· Auto-updating configurations on plugin updates.
· Works on versions throughout 1.8 - Latest.
· Frequent updates & fixes & support.
• Developer API // JitPack - JavaDocs
· Implement your own custom currencies. (e.g create mobcoin gamble bombs, token gamble bombs, etc.)
· Custom heads won't be supported on versions below 1.14.4, just update your server.
Read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing!