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• Fully customizable golden apples (+ enderpearls)
· Completely override golden apples, set potion effects, saturation, health, toggle effect stacking.
· Toggle golden apples entirely, toggle their crafting.
· Prevent usage in certain worlds or regions (WorldGuard).
· Permission-based cooldowns (go.user.cooldown.crapples.<seconds>). Dual cooldowns option.
· Run custom commands on usage or after cooldown is over.

• Norska Development Resource Quality
· Auto-updating configurations on plugin updates.
· Fully customizable messages including chat (option to auto-center), actionbars, and titles. (RGB Support)
· Fully customizable sounds (option for power and pitch), for every command and event.
· Placeholders to use wherever you want. (PlaceholderAPI).
· Use any PlaceholderAPI placeholder in plugin messages.

• Developer API // GitHub



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