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GenCubes is the plugin you need to make private cube mines!
Make multiple Generation cubes and let your players enjoy of these new structures.

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You can see previews of the cubes clicking on the floor
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Turn on the automatic mining and let the cube do the hard work!
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You can even smelt all the ores you mine instantly with just a simple button!
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You can also sell all your content and receive money for the items you collect!
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Rebuild your cube clicking a simple button!
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Schedule custom regenerations for your cubes!
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Upgrade your cubes and make them more efficient!
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Turn your ores into blocks using the compressor!
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Plugin Features:
  • Create custom cubes
    • Unlimited amount of gencubes
    • Custom sizes for your cubes
    • Change the Inventory display name (Colored names)
  • Change inventory type
    • You can choose between normal or infinite inventory
  • Automatic Mining
    • Schedule automatic minings for your cubes
    • Choose the power or the amount of blocks to break on each mining pass
  • Smelting
    • Smelt all your ores quickly
    • You can set a price for the smelting
    • Enable or disable smelting
  • Sells
    • You can sell all the cube content with a simple button!
    • Enable or disable sells
    • Essentials Support!
    • ShopGUIPlus Support!
  • Rebuild
    • You can rebuild the cube clicking a button!
    • You can set a price for the smelting
    • Enable or disable the rebuild
    • Schedule automatic rebuildings
    • Different types of rebuilds
  • Upgrades
    • You can upgrade to another cube very quickly
    • Set a price for the upgrades!
  • Inventory Linking
    • You can link external inventories to the cube
    • AdvancedChests support!
  • Compressor
    • Compress ores to turn them into blocks!
    • Set a price for the compressions!
  • FAWE compatilble
    • You can use FastAsyncWorldEdit to enhance the plugin!
  • Intuitive Configuration
    • Config with explanation
    • Include basic examples
    • Configure details
      • Edit item names
      • Edit item material
      • Edit skull textures
      • Edit item lore
    • Configure Cubes
      • Establish the blocks to generate
      • Edit the chances of the blocks to generate
      • Establish the regenarition delay
      • Customize the border block
      • Set the type of rebuild
      • Schedule regenerations
  • Other Supports
    • Vault support
    • AdvancedChests support
    • SuperiorSkyBlock2 support
    • PlotSquared 1.8 support
    • WorldGuard support
    • IridiumSkyblock support
    • FabledSkyblock support
    • AutoSell Support
    • BentoBox Support




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If you find any bug you can also send me a private message via spigot or contact me on my personal discord: DeadSilenceIV#5307

Terms of service:
You can not impersonate the author.
You can not distribute the code.
You may askme for support.
No refunds.

Please don't post bad reviews if you haven't asked me for support!