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Custom Gens Optimized Core: Enhanced and optimized core system for custom generation features.
Custom Texture Packs and Models: Ability to use custom texture packs and models, allowing players to customize their visual experience.
Auction House: A dedicated marketplace where players can buy and sell items through bidding and listing.
Coin Shop: In-game shop where players can purchase items and upgrades using in-game currency.
Shops: Interactive stores where players can buy and sell various items and resources.
AFK Area: Designated area for players to go AFK without affecting gameplay or progression.
NPCs: Non-playable characters that provide interactions, quests, or services within the game world.
Beautiful Holograms: Visually appealing holographic displays for information, notifications, or decorative purposes.
Custom Islands: Player-owned islands with customizable features, allowing personalization and unique gameplay experiences.
Beautiful Menus: Well-designed and visually appealing menus for intuitive navigation and ease of use.
Player Ranks: Hierarchical system that reflects players' progression and accomplishments in the game.
Quests: Engaging tasks and missions that players can undertake to earn rewards and advance in the game.
Playtime Levels: A leveling system that rewards players based on the time they spend actively playing the game.
Exp Levels: Leveling system based on experience points earned through various in-game activities.
Farming: Feature that allows players to cultivate and harvest crops for resources or crafting materials.
Custom Plugins: Tailor-made plugins designed to enhance specific functionalities or introduce unique features.
Crates: Special containers that offer random rewards to players when opened.
Chat Tags: Customizable tags or labels that appear next to a player's name in chat to denote specific roles or achievements.
Beautiful Spawn: A visually impressive and well-designed starting area or hub for players to enter the game world.
Anti-Cheat: A system implemented to detect and prevent cheating or unfair gameplay practices.

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Test Server
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