This addon requires Ultimate Clans 7.13.0+


Addon of: ⚔ Ultimate Clans ⚔ | Take your server to a higher level

Gladiator Event is a pvp event similar to clan wars but only server admins can start the event. The event has no limit of participating clans and players which is ideal for big wars with the option of rewards and custom tags.
The entire addon is optimized to perform well with the new UClans api, it has an autocomplete system for commands, Bossbar, Actionbar, Json options in messages, Minimessage for colors and effects, sounds and more.

Now also events can be started automatically using schedules.

This addon must be installed in the folder "/plugins/UltimateClans/addons/"

Admin Commands:

/clanglad help - Show help menu.
/clanglad reload - Reload settings.
/clanglad wand - Gives a wand.
/clanglad arena create <name> - Add an arena.
/clanglad arena delete <name> - Delete an arena.
/clanglad arena list - List arenas.
/clanglad arena point <arena> <SPAWN|WATCH|EXIT|LOBBY> - Set the arena points.
/clanglad arena toggle <name> - Toggle the arena.
/clanglad arena seticon <arena> <material> - Change the arena icon.
/clanglad arena settag <arena> <tag> - Change the arena tag.
/clanglad arena desc <arena> <desc> - Set the arena description.
/clanglad reward list <arena> - Adds arena rewards.
/clanglad reward clean <arena> - Clear arena rewards.
/clanglad reward add <arena> <cmd> - Add reward to arena.
/clanglad start <arena> - Start arena event.
/clanglad stop <arena> - Stop arena event.
/clanglad view <arena> - View arena event.
/clanglad scheduler list <arena> - List arena schedulers.
/clanglad scheduler remove <arena> <id> - Remove arena scheduler.
/clanglad scheduler create <arena> <type> <day> <hour:minute> - Add scheduler to arena.

Player Commands:

/gladiator help - Show help menu.
/gladiator join <arena> - Join an event.
/gladiator leave - Leave the event.
/gladiator watch <arena> - Watch the event.


PlaceholderAPI - Optional!