Build 2 Aug 7, 2021
Build 2 - Plugin Maintenance
Enabled all parts of the Piracy system after the plugin’s original release.
Implemented a description for the prevent-join command to document its functionality.
Implemented a new configuration syntax. {ipAddress}
Slightly optimised the configuration system with less method & memory calls.
Implemented 2 new settings.yml configuration option. (debug_mode, awareness_notifications)
The plugin now offers a debug option to increase your awareness for punished players.
Updated some important Cloud processing handlers.
Updated the plugin for 1.17 Bukkit-based servers.
User & File IDs will now be hidden from public & semi-public parts of the plugin.
Greatly improved the Math utilities with new useful methods.
Slightly improved the API of the plugin with a method to get the license ID.

Build 1 May 26, 2021