* This product is a Mob of Mythicmobs


Skill 1. Contemplation:


- Gives GraGrak enhanced mobility.


+ Jump far, close to the target.


Skill 2. Slash:


- Activates after a period of time or after dealing damage to the target.


+ Deals extra damage, knocks back the target | The slash has a long range.


Skill 3. One Strike:


- GraGrak creates a long forward slash.


+ Deal damage, knock up the target.


+ Restores a certain amount of health to yourself.


Skill 4. Magic Wave:


- GraGrak creates a magic wave.


+ Damage and knock back enemies in front.


Skill 5. Death's Cross:


- There are 2 crosses created around enemies within a certain range.


– GraGrak teleports to a random cross.


+ Each cross will fire bullets that chase the nearest target, dealing damage.


+ If you touch the price, you will take a large amount of damage.


Skill 6. Explosion:


– GraGrak explodes an energy around himself.


+ Deals damage, knocking the target away | Heals self if the target takes damage.


Skill 7. Magic Bullet:


– GraGrak locks all targets within a radius of 20 blocks, after 5 seconds will launch 3 magic bullets towards each target.


+ Deal damage, knock back to the target.