Greif Prevention is a land claiming plugin Essential for all survival servers.

This is a GUI Pack that comes with 9 GUIs! Choose from 5 different colors and make land claiming easy and modern.

✦ A main menu [/claims].
✦ Give "How to Claim Land" book to your players with 24h cooldown [cooldown can be changed].
✦ Claim currently standing chunk.
✦ List all of your claims.
✦ Claim upgrades.
    ✧ Claim entry message [Color codes supported].
    ✧ Claim exit message [Color codes supported].
    ✧ Block specific player from entering player claim.
    ✧ Disable/Enable Raid from triggered by non-members/untrusted members.
    ✧ Disable/Enable Doors/gates/trapdoors access from untrusted members.
    ✧ Change claim weather to Sunny/Rainy [Client side only].
    ✧ Change claim time to Day/Night [Client side only].
✦ Buy claim blocks.
✦ Claim trusts.
    ✧ Full trust.
    ✧ Container only trust [Buttons, Levers, Beds, Crafting gears, Chests, Animals].
    ✧ Access only trust [Buttons, Levers, Beds].
    ✧ Permission trust [Grant a trusted player, the ability to share his trust with other players].
    ✧ List all trusted members.
    ✧ Remove trust from a player.
    ✧ Clear all members from your claim with one click.

Claim menu /claim

Upgrade menu

Buy block menu

Trust menu

1) Purchase the resource from MC-MARKET
2) Download GriefPrevention, Vault, CommandPrompter, GriefPreventionFlags and PlaceholderAPI to your Spigot or Paperspigot server

    * GriefPrevention:
    * Deluxemenus:
    * Luckperms:
    * Vault:
    * CommandPrompter:
    * GriefPreventionFlags:
    * PlaceholderAPI:

2) Put in Plugins folder and Restart your server
** CommandPrompter included in "Plugins and config" folder with its config copy then and put it on your plugins folder**

    > CommandPrompter
*only If you decide not to use the config file included with the resouce*
        - Add the plugin in your plugins folder and restart server.
        - Go to "CommandPrompter" folder inside your plugins folder
        - Open your config.yml
        - Set "Prompt-Prefix: '[&3Prompter&r] '" to "Prompt-Prefix: ''"
        - Restart your server again

3) Select a color and copy paste Deluxemenus folder in to your plugins folder.
        Available GUIs
    * Greifprevention main menu
    * Greifprevention Trust menu
    * Greifprevention Block buy menu
    * Greifprevention Upgrade menu
        - Greifprevention Upgrade Raid menu
        - Greifprevention Upgrade Entry menu
        - Greifprevention Upgrade Exit menu
        - Greifprevention Upgrade Block player menu
4) Download and install Placeholders

  Installation Via command
    * /papi ecloud download player
    * /papi ecloud download statistic
    * /papi ecloud download vault
    * /papi ecloud download luckperms
    * /papi reload or restart the server
  Manual Installation
    * Greifprevention expansion
        - Download Greifprevention expansion
        - And add the expansion in your placeholderapi expansion folder
** Or you can just copy and paste the placeholderapi folder to your plugins folder it will install all the expansions **
5) Restart server
6) Commands: