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Take your survival server to the next level with the Grief Prevention GUI addon! This professional and user-friendly config makes land claiming and protection a breeze with a comprehensive claim list, trust list, trust, and upgrade management. Say goodbye to griefing and hello to a secure and enjoyable gaming experience. Get the addon today and start building your ultimate survival world!
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✦ Main command [/claims]
   ✧ Claim list.
   ✧ Claim block.
   ✧ Claim information.
   ✧ Manage standing claim or create new claim.
✦ Claim list [/claimlist]
   ✧ Manage/view all the claims you own or have access.
✦ Claim info [/claiminfo <claimid>]
   ✧ Upgrades
   ✧ Manage trust
   ✧ Teleport to claim [Needs gpgui.teleport permission to use]
✦ Upgrades.
   ✧ Claim enter message [Color codes supported].
   ✧ Claim leave message [Color codes supported].
   ✧ Toggle Elytra usage
   ✧ Toggle all players from entering this area.
   ✧ Toggle specific player from entering player claim.
   ✧ Toggle leaves from decaying in this area.
   ✧ Change claim time to Day/Night [Client side only].
   ✧ Prevents players from damaging pets in this area
   ✧ Toggle Notify when player enters the claim
   ✧ Toggle Notify when player leaves the claim
   ✧ Toggle claim fly
   ✧ Change claim time to Day/Night [Client side only].
✦ Manage trust.
   ✧ Add new player to claim
      ✧ Manage permission [Gives access to edit trust and upgrades]
      ✧ Trust permission [Gives access to edit in your claim]
      ✧ Inventory permission [Gives access to use buttons, leaves, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals]
      ✧ Access permission [Gives access to use buttons, leaves, and beds]
   ✧ Remove player from claim[/INDENT]
   ✧ Clear all players from claim[/INDENT]
✦ Much more...

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