Advancedgui and SkinsRestorer is required for the plugin to work.

It is a package of various modifications to other plugins that allows you to create a verification system and link player accounts on your Discord server. It also enables the creation of a Skin store where a unified Skin will be enforced, compelling other players to either purchase characters or use only the unified Skin.

By using this file, you can create another system to earn money instead of the repetitive Rank system.


- Each player will have a custom code
Profile - The player's Skin and the number of kills or deaths.(You can suggest adding other features like play time and more.)
ShopSkin - It includes a Wardrobe and a Skin Shop.
Wardrobe - Any character you purchase will appear here, and you can select it to change or switch between your characters.
Shop - To purchase Skins, there are currently 14 available options(I suggest characters that you would like to see and we may consider adding them in the near future)
Discord - You will need to create your own Discord bot