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1.3.5 22 hours ago
Placeholders Fix
  • Fixed issue related to internal placeholders

1.3.4 2 days ago
1.20.6 Support
  • Added support for 1.20.6 version

1.3.3 Jun 9, 2024
Internal placeholders
  • Added the ability to use guild quest placeholders in all messages
  • /guild reload command can now be run from console

1.3.2 May 27, 2024
Guild Chat Spy
  • Added ability to see all messages sent in all guilds chat as an admin. To enable that feature there is an option in the main config file. It's possible to edit the spy message in the language file.
  • Optimization related to the redis messaging
  • Added {rankTagFormatted} and {rankTagColor} internal placeholders

1.3.1 May 18, 2024
Folia Support and Fixes
  • Added Folia support
  • Fixed issues when using proxy mode
  • Fixed bug related to guild's ranks permissions

1.3.0 May 10, 2024
MongoDB Support
  • Added MongoDB Support (set "mongodb" in "database.type" in config.yml)
  • Optimized SQL operations
  • Added ability to disable the required reason for the guild kick command
  • Added ability to set the guild's name or tag with spaces between words

1.2.15 Mar 28, 2024
New Guild Admin Commands
  • Added /guildadmin addxp and /guildadmin addlevel commands

1.2.14 Mar 22, 2024
Update 1.2.14
  • Fixed issues in menu when interacting with empty slots
  • Fixed issue when running /guild motd set command without the page number
  • Added /guildadmin create <name> <player>  command

1.2.13 Mar 19, 2024
Update 1.2.13
  • Added ability to set the color of fireworks in menus from the rgb value (example: FIREWORK_CHARGE:115-3-252)

1.2.12 Mar 9, 2024
Bug fixes and proxy api (beta)
  • Optimization related to guilds level system
  • Fixed messages path related to guild boosters
  • Fixed an issue related to pages in ranks menu
  • Fixed issue on level change
  • Fixed issue when running /guild tagcolor
  • Added Guilds Proxy API (BETA)

1.2.11 Feb 28, 2024
Quests Update
  • Added guild quests
  • Added permission to join a guild (null by default) in config (path: guilds.permissions.join)
  • Fixed issue related to permissions
  • Fixed message in join command
  • Fixed issue related to offline players names
  • Refactoring and optimization

1.2.10 Feb 16, 2024
Bug fix
  • Fixed issue related to commands permission

1.2.9 Feb 16, 2024
Minor fixes
  • Fixed wrong ranks sort in members list messages
  • Fixed not centered rank name in members list messages
  • Optimization

1.2.8 Feb 9, 2024
Guild Admin Update
  • Added guild admin commands (/guildadmin command)
  • Added guild menu
  • Fixed issues related to command usages
  • Fixed placeholders {maxMembers} to {maxPlayers}
  • Added {guildTag} and {guildTagColor} internal placeholders

1.2.7 Feb 7, 2024
Guilds API
  • Added error message in language file (path: guilds.message.error)
  • Added Guilds API
  • Added new guilds events
  • Minor changes related to guilds events

1.2.6 Feb 6, 2024
Update 1.2.6
  • Fixed issue when creating a new guild
  • Fixed redis issues in certain cases
  • Rewritten parts of command system code
  • Added internal placeholders: check them by clicking on this link

Could be config-related problems that can be solved in these ways:

1. resetting the language.yml and menu.yml files
2. by replacing the old placeholders with the new ones (available on the wiki)

1.2.5 Dec 25, 2023
Various fixes
  • Fixed issue that hid some items in tag color menu
  • Fixed colors issues in tag color menu
  • Added next and previous items in tag color menu
  • Fixed other bugs

1.2.4 Dec 22, 2023
Level system and 1.20 fixes
  • Fixed bugs in 1.20
  • Fixed inviter's name in the guild invite message
  • Fixed issues related to the leveling system
  • Fixed issues when using some gui items
  • Made configurable the guild's discord item

1.2.3 Dec 17, 2023
New Placeholder
  • Added guild's uuid placeholder (%guilds_uuid%)

1.2.2 Dec 12, 2023
Command Update
  • It's now possible to set/add levels/xp to the guild of a player using the administrator commands

Example: /guilds setLevel Steve 13    -    /guilds setLevel SteveGuild 18

1.2.1 Nov 27, 2023
Levels Update
  • Added guild levels gui
  • Reload command now reloads also levels config

1.2.0 Nov 8, 2023
Update 1.2.0 Release
  • Added bungeecord and velocity support (redis required)
  • Fixed bugs related to commands, configuration system, menu and other
  • Rewritten the menu items configuration system (How to configure an item)
  • Created file 'levels.yml' for the new leveling system
  • Added Guild TAG features:
    • Name length limit
    • Allowed characters
    • Possibility to make the tags uppercase
  • Added possibility to edit the guild tag placeholder format, to automatically make the guild tag uppercase and to edit the orange tag permission

To use the plugin in proxy mode check this guide!

More info in the previous updates changelogs! Jul 31, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed an issue

1.1.3 Jul 29, 2023
  • Fixed an issue when using mysql

1.1.2 Jul 18, 2023
Tab complete update
  • Added tab complete for these subcommands: join, discord, demote, kick, mute, promote, transfer, unmute, invite, settings, tagcolor

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