This is not a plugin, this is a resourcepack and configuration files thats work with cosmetics plugins.

✅ Colorable textures
✅ Animated Models
✅ Drag and Droop
✅ Exclusive Cosmetics 

Ready for



IHi guys! this is the Halloween pack, amazing texturepack and configuration files  with 12  exclusive cosmetic for you server.

       ∎ 4 Balloons
       ∎ 3 Hats
       ∎ 3 Offhand
       ∎ 4 Graffiti
       ∎ 3 Backpacks

∎ ItemsAdder configuration files
∎ Magic Cosmtics configuration 
∎ CosmeticCore configurations

Before to buy

This pack work only with itemsAdder or ModelEngine.
The pack includes configuration files for ItemsAdder, MagicCosmetics, CosmeticsCore.


I hope will be nice for you, I have worked for long time on this entities on the natural animations, and I try to offer 
a fair price for you.
if you buy it, it help me a lot, and i will fild motivate to create more cosmetic for this plugin.

* You need to have the last version of  ItemsAdder , CosmeticCore to work properly, and join the new features.


Instalation:    IS DRAG AND DROP

1- Inside the zip you will find, the installation files for Magic Cosmetic, the installation files for ItemsAdder, drag and drop        each folder in the right plugin folder.
2- Reload each plugin.
3- Run /iazip command
4- Instal your new resourcepack and you will see your new cosmetics. 

- ItemsAdder folder 
       Content folder

- MagicCosmetics
       Content folder

- CosmeticCore folder
      -cosmetic Pack


IrtemsAdder, Magic Cosmetic or CosmeticCore.










Terms of Service.

By purchasing the pack you are agreeing to these terms of service.

1.  You agree not to redistribute this product or claim as your own.

2. Do not resell this or share the product with other people.

3. The review section is not for support, so please if you need support go to the discord server and report it there.

4. When buying this there will be no refund

5. Please do not impersonate me and sell this product to others.