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HardcoreMode is a plugin that supports hardcore mode for the players of your server.

The plugin can be configured at will and has many useful options.


HardcoreMode is a plugin that offers a new level of gameplay. After dying, players receive a temporary ban, and after the ban is passed, they can continue to enjoy the game.

The plugin now also supports rank-based ban length

The plugin offers permanent and increasing bans with the number of bans. After time, the ban level drops by the given number of levels.

✨ The plugin also offers sounds and visual effects.

Custom nickname prefixes
You can set your own values that will be displayed before the player's nickname. This may be, for example, the number of his lives or his deaths.
NickLives.png?ex=6558c0f2&is=65464bf2&hm=804358c4558db71accf367d3137dfd753c7a0569e513db1c1a71f8dc1ec8ac4b&  NickDeaths.png?ex=6558c0f2&is=65464bf2&hm=1327c91596c927d33206e83191419252c5c6ee40144ed9f33080720b7d2adf52&  
ChatLives.png?ex=6558bc38&is=65464738&hm=293e351a10f73b7648b47a3ade83a336d18b5ec064abd780b28ab6f6ef4af88a& ChatDeaths.png?ex=6558bc39&is=65464739&hm=848685da610c6f0360cc2ce29cff6e9e61c999bdc85430ca04d2f3e63088cf32&


hardcoremode - show help for hardcoremode plugin
hardcoremode reload - reloads plugin configuration (some functions require a server restart)
hardcoremode about - info about plugin
hardcoremode [commands/permissions/placeholders] - admin help commands
hardcoremode lives - Managing lives and showing information about the number of lives
lives - info about players' lives
lives [add/set/remove] - manage players' lives
lives [show/hide] - show/hide info about lives
unban <player> - unbans the player


hardcoremode.* - acess to all hardcoremode plugin permissions
hardcoremode.reload - acess to hardcoremode reload command
hardcoremode.lives - managing players' lives
 hardcoremode.unban- acess to unban command
hardcoremode.admin - access to admin help
hardcoremode.nodeath - do not ban if the player who dies has this permission

In order to use placeholders, it is required to download the PlaceholderAPI plugin.

Using placeholders DOES NOT REQUIRE downloading additional content





The strings in {VARIABLE} must be replaced with appropriate values depending on the configuration.


The plugin has been created with the intention of using it on version 1.19 but it also works on other - older versions.

Tested versions 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 1.18 1.19 1.20

Plugin can also work on older versions but its correct operation is not guaranteed.


The plugin offers different language versions. You are free to edit and create new language files.

The standard plugin language is English. You can change it in the configuration file.


How to create your own language file ?
1. Open the folder and plugins/HardcoreMode/languages in the server files
2. Create a file of any name with the suffix .yml
3. Copy the contents of the en.yml file and paste its contents into the newly created file
4. Edit messages in quotation marks
5. After editing, save your changes and close the file
6. Open the file config.yml and edit the language value, enter here the name of the previously created file without the .yml ending (example: de)
7. Restart the server or reload it
8. Done :)


If you have any problems with the plugin, have a suggestion or want to ask something, please visit my discord server which has been specially prepared for this.



If you need a clean, unmodified file, you can download it from GitHub.

Standard plugin files (for last version)

   ⤷ data.yml
   ⤷ en.yml
   ⤷ es.yml
   ⤷ de.yml
   ⤷ fr.yml
   ⤷ it.yml
   ⤷ pl.yml
   ⤷ (user files)


CC Creative Commons 2022-2023
Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
Author olios


Before giving a rating for a plugin bug, please describe your problem in the discussions section. The rating may not be justified because you (as administrator) may also make a mistake or use the plugin differently than its intended use.