HarvesterPlus is an advanced way to harvest your crops. It allows you to collect crops and have them automatically transferred into your inventory as well as automatically replanting them after a set period of time. This allows for quick, easy and no mess harvesting!

  • Has an auto replant feature so crops automatically replant after harvest.
  • Crops will automatically be gathered into your inventory once they have been harvested.
  • Option to enable this for all diamond hoes if needed.
  • Can allow players to buy the harvester.
  • Can edit the name and lore of the harvester.
  • Very useful and easy to setup.
  • Great perk for donators.
  • Vault support.
  • Constant support.
  • Very configurable.
  • Customise all messages within the plugin.
  • /harvest help <page> (View the current help pages).
  • /harvest buy (Buy the harvester).
  • /harvest give [name] (Give the harvester to you or another player online).
  • HARVEST.* (Access to all the commands/features within the plugin).
  • HARVEST.BUY (Buy the harvesting tool).
  • HARVEST.GIVE (Give a player or yourself the harvesting tool).
  • HARVEST.USE (Use the harvesting tool on the server).

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