6.11-BETA-1 BETA Aug 25, 2020
Major bug fixes

And this time, some more major bug fixes, so, uh... Merry Christmas?

[ + ] Fixed an error printed in console when people crafted. This also required WorldGuard to occur.

[ + ] When HeadsPlus finds an inventory icon in a player's inventory, it attempts to remove it as a form of exploit protection.

[ + ] Moved most events over to the new debugging system. Next update, they should all utilise the feature properly.

[ + ] Debuffed looting changes, any percentage before 1% will be multiplied by the Looting level instead of incrementing by 1%.

[ + ] Fixed the looting option not being able to become disabled.

[ + ] Updated the Discord link in the debug errors.

[ + ] Re-organised crafting mechanics, they should be more orderly and prevent issues in the future.

6.11-SNAPSHOT-2 SNAPSHOT Aug 14, 2020
1.16.2 Support

So, after three weeks of taking a cybersec course, developing RSI in my wrist, ten tonnes of stress and having 1.16.2 release whilst I was on holiday (thanks, Mojang!). I am very exhausted right now so please do bear with me, there is a breaking change in this update, especially with Looting (again).

Unless you're insanely desperate and banging on my door for 1.16.2 support, I don't recommend updating to this build yet, but if you want to help debug this update, please do help me out. You're free to give me feedback on any of the new features that have been implemented.

(This is only listing changes since SNAPSHOT-1)

[ + ] Added 1.16.2 support.

[ + ] Fixed a weird NPE which appeared in inventory navigation for literally no reason.

[ + ] As of now, /hp headinfo is available to OPs and console again.

6.11-SNAPSHOT-1 SNAPSHOT Jul 22, 2020
WorldGuard support, Debug Improvements, Looting changes and Bug Fixes

[ + ] Added WorldGuard flags for HeadsPlus - flags include head-drop (whether heads should drop in a region), head-craft (whether heads should be crafted in a region), allow-mask-use (whether mask effects should be applied in a region or not), head-denied-ids (denied entity IDs to be dropped in a region) and head-allowed-ids (allowed entity IDs to be dropped in a region, overrides denied IDs)

[ + ] Implemented a new feature which should enhance event debugging. Currently, the only event making the most of this is the EntityDeathEvent that is used to drop mob heads. All events have yet to utilise this feature, not to mention that it is still in the works.

[ + ] Any errors caused in other plugins by HeadsPlus when using the anvil GUI are now gone

[ + ] Bossbar tracking now uses UUIDs instead of entities/players

[ + ] Changed the looting system to comply more with Minecraft's looting system - this includes common thresholds (always increases the drop amount), uncommon thresholds (attempts to drop a second time with a higher chance depending on the level) and rare thresholds (only increases the chance by 1%). For more information, see here.

[ + ] Fixed the HeadsPlus API not working properly

[ + ] Attempting to use /hp headinfo remove <Entity> lore no longer kicks you from the server, but is still slightly bugged.

[ + ] Fixed problems with case insensitive masks not working

6.10.11 Jul 22, 2020