Syntrox Apr 24, 2024
Version 2.7.1
The Support is Amazing! I had a problem and they fixed it in the same day, impressively fast.
Dr_moonevent Feb 15, 2023
Version 2.2.0
this plugin is really amazing, and easy to use.
(It's the best cosmetic plugin ❤️)
PumpkinKnightStudio Jan 29, 2023
Version 2.1.0
The Supports is Amazing!!!! The plugin is so compatible with many!
Great plugin!!!!!
Kiziomek Jan 15, 2023
Version 2.0.1
Amazing plugin!
Support is very fast
Niccckk Apr 9, 2022
Version 1.10.3
Phenomenal plugin! It works perfectly with ItemsAdder and Oraxen. THIS COSMETICS PLUGIN is definitely the one to make your server stand out from the rest.

The configurability it awesome (you can pretty much config anything). Great job by the developer, keep up the great work my guy.
Lulux Mar 5, 2022
Version 1.9.4
Good plugin but spams some errors from time to time. The issues has been reported and still waiting on an answer after couple days

Author's response
Thank you for the review! We don't actively use Github for issues, please join our Discord and we would be glad to help
Shaark Feb 24, 2022
Version 1.9.4
Awesome plugin

Author's response
Thank you for the review!
PapaWulf Feb 4, 2022
Version 1.7.0
Not gonna say anything, just thanks rain & fish

Author's response
Thank you for the review!
Rilevac Jan 17, 2022
Version v1.0.3
I been waiting for this plugin to publish and it doesn't disappoint me at all 🥰
The premade models in this plugin also looks great
really worth it

Author's response
Thank you for the review!
DrunKitty Jan 17, 2022
Version v1.0.3
Amazing Developers and Team!
Extremely easy to set up and use, it does most of the hard work by itself and I cannot wait to see their new features and updates, even though it is still very early on in development, it is already just as good if not better than most cosmetic plugins I have tried and bought.
And on top of all of that, it is a bargain too!

Author's response
Thank you for the review!

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