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2.7.2 Apr 25, 2024
HMCColor 2.0, bug fixes, and emote shader removal
  • Added multi-hidden reason (Players can have more than one reason for having cosmetics hidden now)
  • Added additional checks when exiting wardrobe to account for edge cases
  • Added config option to prevent damage while in a wardrobe
  • Fixed equipped armor visually disappearing and requiring a click when exiting wardrobe
  • Fixed unloaded player using HMCC commands causing NPE
  • Fixed SQL Memory Leak (Extremely minor)
  • Fixed multiple schedulers being created when player joins
  • Fixed backpacks going black when under a block
  • Fixed backpack sometimes not attaching after teleporting
  • Fixed getting kicked in wardrobe if allow-flight was set to false
  • Fixed a dead player still in the respawn screen causes NPE
  • Fixed disabled worlds going through nether portals
  • Updated default input and output slots for dye-menu configuration
  • Updated dye menu GUI texture
  • Updated ItemsAdder configs to use contents folder
  • Removed emote shader files from all configurations
  • Removed emotes from default menu configs

2.7.1 Jan 14, 2024
  • Fixed HMCColor hook

2.7.0 Jan 13, 2024
  • Refactored into Hibiscus Commons
  • Added reduced packet usage for armor cosmetics
  • Added priority system for menu items
  • Added ability for long-distance wardrobes
  • Added eco item lookup support
  • Added PlayerArmorChnageEvent for paper servers
  • Added backpacks and balloons being fully despawned when hidden
  • Fixed pose changes in wardrobe causing backpack issues
  • Fixed issue with data trying to be retrieved for a player who leaves before data is loaded
  • Fixed player dying causing an NPE due to lack of an entity
  • Fixed Optifine not removing player model in wardrobe
  • Fixed enchants not properly being passed to cosmetics
  • Fixed wardrobe spawning player even after player leaves wardrobe immidently after entering
  • Fixed Balloons and Backpacks not spawning in wardrobe for some servers
  • Fixed wardrobe menu being able to be open during setup and ending
  • Fixed titles not showing in 1.20.4

2.6.6 Dec 16, 2023
  • Added 1.20.3/4 Support
  • Added amount placeholder
  • Add HMCColor colors in commands

2.6.5 Nov 15, 2023
1.20.2 Support
  • Added 1.20.2 Support
  • Added option to fully disable emotes
  • Added more translation options, such as if a player is offline
  • Added option to hide cosmetics in configurable gamemodes
  • Moved Model Engine api to 4.0 (Dropped 3.x ME support)
  • Improved code quality
  • Improved NMS support checker for future versions
  • Fixed empty menu item not processing PAPI to the item
  • Fixed offhand cosmetic not respecting if an item was in the slot
  • Fixed menu item heads not processing PAPI placeholders for its owner
  • Fixed configurate snakeyml dependency version mismatch on some servers
  • Fixed conflict with MythicMobs over damage mechanic
  • Fixed Geary integration (Thanks Boy!)

There is a known issue with the models on 1.20.2, with Minecraft not putting the model all the way down like in previous versions. This is a resource pack issue, not a plugin issue. If you are updating from 1.20.1, use the new models provided in the pack.

2.6.4 Sep 15, 2023
  • Added HMCCosmetics and Cosmetics as aliases to the cosmetic command
  • Fixed equipment packet kicking players in edge cases (Rewrote the packet modification to be more vanilla-like)
  • Fixed wardrobes distances referencing configuration option no longer existing
  • Fixed setting viewer location not referencing player eye location
  • Removed old passenger removal logic on player quit
  • Improved code quality

2.6.3 Aug 30, 2023
  • Added offhand always show option
  • Fixed hotbar visually messing up if players scrolled fast enough
  • Fixed PAPI placeholders not being parsed in player-command menu action
  • Fixed distance and permission being removed from the config
  • Fixed pufferfish not being properly destroyed when out of range
  • Removed unused NMS methods

2.6.2 Aug 27, 2023
Release 2.6.2
  • Added MMOItems Hook
  • Added entity cooldown teleportation packet, this helps decrease the amount of packets sent
  • Fixed the issue of swapping items leading to other players visually seeing the offhand cosmetic in their main hand
  • Fixed certain entity metadata not being added correctly on 1.19.3+
  • Improved documentation around wardrobe objects

2.6.1 Aug 26, 2023
Release 2.6.1
  • Remove deprecated static radius, this has been replaced with per-wardrobe distances since 2.4.0 and has done nothing since 2.4.0
  • Fixed Backpack Packet Entity missing additional entity metadata

2.6.0 Aug 24, 2023
Bug fixes + Menu Shading & more
  • Added menu shading (natively supports Oraxen, other plugins soon)
  • Added ability to strictly define unapply/apply clicks
  • Added .8 HMCColor support
  • Added ability to define firstperson backpack height
  • Added ability to define per cosmetic balloon offset
  • Added option to disable camera mode in emotes
  • Added option to force sending of backpack riding packets
  • Fixed first-person cosmetics not passing color
  • Fixed not having a cosmetic in equipped slot returning null
  • Fixed offhand cosmetics flicking when interacting with other entities
  • Fixed balloons attempting to respawn themselves after spawning in
  • Fixed despawned backpacks producing NPE when modified
  • Fixed unchecked wardrobe causing PAPI to wrongly report if cosmetic can be equipped
  • Fixed armor not showing after cosmetic unapply for a few seconds
  • Improved backpacks by making them all packets
  • Improved code quality

2.5.2 Aug 3, 2023
  • Added config option to require specific click types for cosmetic type of gui item
  • Added getAllCosmetics and getAllCosmeticUsers to API class
  • Fixed model not being recognized by Model Engine if it has uppercase characters
  • Fixed entering wardrobe with a trident causes wardrobe to break
  • Fixed backpack mounts when other mounts are there (Thanks MomoPewPew!)
  • Moved invalid backpack message to debug
  • Improved event priorities
  • Improved general code quality

2.5.1 Jul 31, 2023
  • Fixed stack overflow when entity is invalid introduced in the previous version

2.5.0 Jul 30, 2023
First-person Backpacks & More
  • Added first-person backpacks
  • Added world guard flag to disable emotes in a region
  • Added equip and unequip to main API class
  • Added new gui backend system feating improvements such as refresh-rates
  • Added new cosmetic, The Flora Flower, in celebration of the first update since Flora launch
  • Fixed minimessage not being processed in translations
  • Fixed players still in wardrobe after teleporting (Thanks @AverageGithub!)
  • Fixed Title Messages not using proper time specified in config (Thanks @AverageGithub!)
  • Fixed skin overlays not showing on wardrobe NPCs (Thanks @AverageGithub!)
  • Moved ModelEngine to internal hook system
  • Moved to Gradle 8 for building
  • Removed unused utils

2.4.10 Jul 9, 2023
  • Fixed Shaders on 1.19.4+ (Thanks Yuuki!)
  • Fixed balloons teleporting into WorldGuard regions producing errors
  • Fixed issue with Cosmin taking up command
  • Removed Internal Data Option (You should be using SQLite or MySQL)
  • Refactored placeholders to use one method

2.4.9 Jun 29, 2023
  • Added PAPI placeholders to cosmetic item names

2.4.8 Jun 27, 2023
  • Added force-show-join to ignore hidden reason when a player joins
  • Added enter-open-menu to open menu when player enters wardrobe
  • Added Action Bar Message when players have cosmetics hidden
  • Fixed an issue where messages that are null causing player to be kicked

2.4.7 Jun 22, 2023
  • Added ability to reference entity directly from CosmeticUser class
  • Optimized and Improved Lead System for Balloons

2.4.6 Jun 19, 2023
  • Added HMCCosmeticsAPI class for easier API access
  • Refactored all events into their own package
  • Fixed Optifine continuing to show armor while emoting
  • Removed 1.17.1 Support

2.4.5 Jun 17, 2023
  • Added PlayerTeleportEvent to the WorldGuard listener
  • Added PAPI support for cosmetic names, lore, skull owner and textures
  • Improved handling of invalid backpacks

2.4.4 Jun 15, 2023
  • Added Translation.yml
  • Fixed Player Info Packet being sent on wrong index on 1.18.2
  • Fixed Geary (Again)

2.4.3 Jun 13, 2023
  • Added PlayerCosmeticPostEquipEvent to the api
  • Added emotes playing while equipped with now stop
  • Added Unequip Emote Stop reason to the api
  • Fixed Balloons causing Wardrobe NPC to disappear

2.4.2 Jun 12, 2023
  • Updated PlayerAnimator to support 1.20

2.4.1 Jun 10, 2023
Release 2.4.1
  • Added 1.20 Initial Support
  • Added ability to add text above emote
  • Fixed issue with backpacks disappearing after teleporting long distances
  • Fixed Geary Hook
  • Fixed unchecked wardrobes not removing cosmetics

2.4.0 May 25, 2023
  • Added ability to define multiple wardrobes
  • Added ability to restrict wardrobes by permission
  • Added ability to create new wardrobes in-game
  • Added ability to allow users access to all cosmetics while in wardrobe, removing them as they leave if they lack permission
  • Added menu permissions to registered permissions
  • Added ability to check for air under emote
  • Added Config Updater
  • Added Menus#values to get all Menus registered
  • Improved file generating logic
  • Improved invalid backpack error message to include user
  • Changed WorldGuard Wardrobe flag to be a StringFlag from StateFlag
  • Changed wardrobe-location to npc-location in wardrobe configurations
  • Changed Looty Hook to Geary (Thanks Boy!)
  • Fixed exit worldguard region with denied cosmetics and entering worldguard region with allowed cosmetic flags not reapplying cosmetics
  • Fixed cosmetic armor showing while player is emoting
  • Fixed cosmetic emotes not going through own emote manager
  • Fixed unlocked producing out of bounds exception
  • Fixed Menus being janky
  • Fixed menu leaving after selecting cosmetic if HMCColor was not installed
  • Cleaned a random space in the wardrobe debug message

2.3.1 May 9, 2023
Bug fixes
  • Fixed translation file being generated
  • Fixed cosmetic type items in GUI not parsing PAPI placeholders
  • Fixed cosmetic type items sometimes not transitioning to the equipped item when equipped

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