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HMCCosmetics is an intuitive, easy-to-use cosmetics plugin, designed for servers using resource packs.

New Limits - New Possibilities

Bring new revenue and experiences to your server with HMCCosmetics. Bring these experiences with the numerous cosmetics included in the plugin, including Backpacks, Hats, Overlayed Armor, Offhand Cosmetics, and Balloons


8 Unique Cosmetic Types to experience; from Cosmetic Armor Slots to Backpacks and Balloons.

Wardrobe System allows players to preview cosmetics & apply ones they own from a third person view.  

SQLite & MySQL allows for simple databases to complex multiserver arrangements depending on your need!

Easy & Ready to use for both cosmetics and menus alike. 

Hide & Show Cosmetics allows players to easily decide when to show off their cosmetics or when to hide them! 

HMCColor Integration allows for dyeing like never before; ensuring that players can show off their colors on their cosmetics whichever way they want!

WorldGuard Integration allows you to define areas for disabling cosmetics; ensuring cosmetics don't get in the way of events or warzones! Define other areas to teleport players to a wardrobe area!

Oraxen + ItemAdder Integration right out of the gate, allowing you to continue using your favorite resource pack plugins!

(NEW!) MythicMobs Item Integration allows you to reference MythicMob items in your configurations, allowing a great base for cosmetics!

ModelEngine Integration brings new life to balloons like never before; (NEW!) Dye ModelEngine balloons with a tint color! 

PlaceHolderAPI Integration allows you to get information on a player like never before to put to use in other plugins! 








9 default cosmetics included


Animated backpack texture


Colorable cosmetics with HMCColor



Custom Emotes



All of HMCCosmetics current commands can be found on our wiki.


Because of how our plugin works, there are some limitations. Please read this before purchasing our plugin.