HMCCosmetics is an important project of ours, and we enjoy working on it (it's actually used by our server, HibiscusMC!). Going forward, it will mostly get version updates and bug fixes. If you want a more active project that is getting new features, please check out MCCosmetics. It's a free and open-source cosmetics plugin being maintained by MythicCraft:


HMCCosmetics is an intuitive, easy-to-use cosmetics plugin, designed for servers using resource packs.

There are three main cosmetic types. Hats, Backpacks, and offhand cosmetics.

Backpacks work by spawning an invisible armor stand which follows the player around. 

Hats work by placing a "fake" hat on the player's head - meaning they can still use a normal piece of armor (like a diamond helmet) for protection.

Offhand items allow you to create cosmetics that go in the player's offhand slot. When they switch to a different item (from the survival inventory or with the F key), it is automatically unapplied temporarily. When they click F again, the cosmetic comes back!


• /cosmetics (hmccosmetics.cmd.default) - Opens Cosmetics GUI
• /cosmetics add <username> <cosmetic_id> - Adds cosmetic to a player
• /cosmetics remove <username> <backpack/hat>
• /cosmetics reload (hmccosmetics.cmd.reload) - Reloads plugin configuration files
• /cosmetics help ( - Sends help message.


Because of how our plugin works, there are some limitations. Please read this before purchasing our plugin.

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