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HMCLeaves is a custom blocks plugin that allows you to create blocks usually not found in other plugins - leaves, cave vines, saplings, and more.


6 supported block types, including leaves, saplings, cave vines, sugar cane, weeping vines, and twisted vines.

SlimeWorld support for advanced setups using the Slime world format. 

Configurable block hardness allows you to turn transparent blocks into leaves, glass, obsidian, or anything else you can think of.

Oraxen + ItemAdder Integration right out of the gate, allowing you to continue using your favorite resource pack plugins!



3 wood sets included





All of HMCLeaves current commands can be found on our wiki.


HMCLeaves requires a resource pack (included with the plugin!) on your server to function properly. It also works well around item management plugins like Oraxen, but they are not required. You can get support in our Discord Server.


Additionally, we highly recommend pre-generating your worlds with Chunky, even if your world is already pre-generated. This will highly improve the performance of the plugin.