HMCLeaves is an amazing plugin which allows you to create custom transparent blocks using the various leaf blockstates. You can create custom trees, custom glass, or pretty much anything that you want that requires a transparent block.


Please note that HMCLeaves is in beta. Several things could go wrong, which could possibly cause damage to your worlds. We do not recommend using this in production yet, and you should always take frequent backups regardless of if you use this or not. We are not responsible for damage caused to worlds.


  • Ability to create fully transparent blocks
  • Uses vanilla leaf decay system, no noticeable difference to players
  • Ability to modify block drops (we recommend a loot plugin like RoseLoot to modify this further)
  • Works with ItemsAdder & Oraxen (drag-and-drop configurations included)



  • Palm Plank
  • Palm Leaves
  • Stripped Palm Log
  • Palm Log
  • Drag-and-drop configuration for Oraxen & ItemsAdder