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Click here to view the docs!
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Don't forget to take a look at the lang file, where 90% of all messages are customizable.
Permissions, commands, and more can all be found on the docs!

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- Change the skins of you and other players!

- Full support for versions 1.8 - 1.17!

- Get the heads of skins using the in-game menu.

- Instant skin changing without any lag.

- Interactive in-game GUI for easy management.

- Unlimited amount of skins can be downloaded.

- Unlimited amount of players that can use skins.

- Download, remove, and apply skins directly form the in-game menu.

- Menus can all be customized from the menus file!

- 90% of all messages can be edited from the lang file.

Commands and permissions.

Check out the docs for a bunch of information you might need when using this plugin. Need help? No worries, join the Discord, create a ticket, and support will be on its way to help you with anything you need help on.

Want skins but don't want to download them? No worries, head over to the docs and download of the two pre-made skin files and you're ready to go!

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Main menu example.
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All skins menu example (using one of the pre-made skin files)
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Applying a skin menu example.
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Don't like the way these menus look? No worries, head on over to the menus file and change them how ever you like!

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- You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin as your own.
- You may not use the reviews section to report bugs or issues.
- If the plugin does not work, you are not allowed to write a bad review. Come to the Discord and open a ticket instead so I can help you and resolve the issue.