1.9.2 Oct 22, 2020
Fixes and Improvements

Fix a big problem with some version following the update to keep the hologram white even in a block.

1.9.1 Sep 27, 2020
Lands conflict

Lands support isn't working for now. They actually miss something in their API to allow me using it (it creates an error).
While I'm waiting for an answer, this version allow you to disable Lands from being hooked in HB, so you can run HB without conflict with HB.
To disable it, just put "false" in settings.yml for the setting:
enabled: false

1.9 Sep 5, 2020
Holograms Improvements

(Thanks @Pandemonium)

1.8.5 Aug 26, 2020
WG and PS update

• Rewrited the WorldGuard custom flags:

hb-enter-hud [deny (if you want to disable) / (to make an hud on enter)]
hb-exit-hud [deny (if you want to disable) / (to make an hud on exit)]
• ProtectionStones fix, this is now possible to send HUD on enter and exit. Just add these two flags to all the ProtectionStones region:

hb-ps-enter with value YES
hb-ps-leave with value YES
(/ps admin flag hb-ps-enter/leave YES)

1.8.4 Aug 24, 2020

• Added ProtectionSones support: when enabled you will receive an HUD by entering and leaving a protected region
Possible placeholders:
- %landname% - Name of the protected region
- %lordname% - Name of the lord
• Removed WG exit hud due to bugs

1.8.3 Aug 24, 2020
Lands support

• Added Lands support: when enabled you will receive an HUD by entering an Area

Possible placeholders:

%landname% - Name of the Land
%landcolorname% - Land color name

1.8.2 Aug 22, 2020
WorldGuard update

• Added WorldGuard flag: hb-exit-hud (Send an HUD when leaving a region)

1.8.1 Aug 21, 2020
New Update

• Added WorldGuard hook configuration (HUD duration when entering in a region with appropriated flag)
• 1.16.2 enhanced support.

1.8 Aug 10, 2020
WorldGuard support !

• Added WorldGuard regions hook
• Added a custom worldguard flag: "hb-enter-hud". If the value set is "no", no hud will be send on enter. Otherwise, an HUD will be send with the given message.

1.7.3 Aug 6, 2020
Hooks update

• Fixed PlotSquared hook
• Bug fixed (impossible to disable Factions hook in config)

1.7.2 Jul 28, 2020
Factions fix

• Fixed errors with Factions forks and remakes.

1.7 Jul 12, 2020
Factions update

• You now have the possibility to send HUD when a player enter on a Factions claim.
3 possible placeholders:
* %faction_name% -> Return the colored name of the faction
* %faction_description% -> If description set: return what you put inside the "hooks.factions.hud-on-enter-faction.if-description"
* %faction_leader% -> If there is a leader: return what you put inside the "hooks.factions.hud-on-enter-faction.if-leader"

1.6.4 Jul 3, 2020
Command Sender Placeholder

Added a new placeholder: %command_sender_name%
It will be replaced with the sender's name of the command.

1.6.3 Jul 2, 2020
Templates Update

Added two placeholders in template system.

%argument_all% Will display all the current arguments in the command.
%argument_other% Will display all the arguments that havn't been used with %argument_X%.
template: First argument: %argument_1% and the others %argument_other% (Here is all the arguments %argument_all%)
arguments in command: Argument1 Argument2 Argument3
output: First argument: Argument1 and the others Argument2 Argument3 (Here is all the arguments Argument1 Argument2 Argument3)

1.6.2 Jun 29, 2020
1.16 Blocks and Items + PlayerGUISettings configuration

• Added 1.16 BLOCKS and ITEMS!
• Added possibility to fully edit the PlayerSettingsGUI.
• Fixed Material Display Error (especially 1.15.2 blocks)

1.6.1 Jun 28, 2020
HEX Color Support

• Added support for Hex Color Codes in Holograms. Code: &<#HEXCOLOR>
Warning: For the moment only one hex color is supported per line (Example:
Great: "&<#07deda>This is blue and &cthis is red.&r Here is blue again."
Bad: "&<#07deda>This is blue and &<#fffffff>This is white")
• THIS VERSION IS OBFUSCATED. Please contact us on our discord server if you want the non-obfuscated version.

1.6 Jun 25, 2020
1.16 Ready Update

• Added 1.16 support.
• We will add Full HEX Color and Font support in the next update.
• THIS VERSION IS OBFUSCATED. Contact us if needed.

1.5.1 Jun 19, 2020
Plotsquared Update

Added the hook to Plot² plugin.
You can now show an HUD when a player enters a Plot.

1.5 Jun 15, 2020
Particles Update !

• You can now create particle holograms with a brand new placeholder.
-> Added a new permission to use it (holobroadcast.particle)
-> Added a player setting to disable particles

• Flexibility and performance fix.
• Fix a playersdata problem

1.4.8 Jun 12, 2020
Placeholders permissions system

Added a permission for each placeholder. Using one of the placeholders without having the permission will act as if it was normal text.

• holobroadcast.blankline
• holobroadcast.newline
• holobroadcast.item
• holobroadcast.sound

Optimized the placeholders algorithm

1.4.7 Jun 11, 2020